Monday, December 01, 2008

Logic Free?

Or, at least consistency.

As domestic sales are trying to be boosted, and with an in theory commitment to the environment, I am unsure as to why the government and BBC is promoting flying overseas to buy iPods and bring back 16 litres of extra weight, duty free, in a plane.

Indy - Duty-free allowances double, thanks to Brown


I'm still getting to grips with the logic of trumpeting encouragement to fly overseas to bring back an extra 16 kilos as an assist to economy and environment....

"Bing bong! We will shortly be bringing around the Duty Free bowser. Please have your credit cards ready. An additional irony-free amount may be deducted for lugging all this extra on board to satisfy newly-created demand, and then pad a few carbon credit schemes concocted between Brussels, Westminster and the City. Thank yew! Bing bong"

It must all add up somewhere.

I was an engineer once. Then I became an ad man (sadly no qualifications that get you in or on TV news commenting on 'stuff' in any form).

But I do have an ability to be inspired by substance, and also sniff out when the smoke and mirrors are being deployed (and not to focus the power of illumination).

At the moment... erring on the latter.

My poor kids.

Gaurdian - End of the party
This a brave, bold step and Gordon Brown is to be congratulated for taking it

Well, some might still see it that way.

Much like this glowing report, from another Friend of Gordon:

Duty-free allowances double, thanks to Brown

Now, remind me. How does flying to another country, buying their stuff and lugging an extra 16 kilos back here help our economy and the planet?