Monday, May 01, 2006


More of a general musing for the Bank Holiday (which, defying the
forecasters, has been gorgeous, making it very hard to be stuck in
front of a PC writing a seminar), but I did grab a few moments to go
through the Sunday papers, which were naturally enough dominated by
the series of small problems besetting our elected leadership at the

I'm still trying to get to grips with the logic of how the guy at the
top of a failing organisation (in this case the UK Home Office) seems
to think (and, amazingly, gets supported in doing so by a wide spread
of folk) that the best way to resolve what he couldn't before is to
be left in charge.

But I'm afraid John 'Family Guy' Prescott, 2nd in charge of the
country, has really lost me on why he is till around.

I guess they all figure if Bill 'Cuban' Clinton pretty much got away
with it, then they can give it a whirl and see who salutes. I'm
afraid I trace a lot of the downward spiral in the collective moral/
ethical compass from that point on.

Yeh, there's private vs. public life. Yada-yada.

But at the end of the day if anyone in high office does anything they
know they shouldn't, especially if they know the damage that result
should anyone find out about it, then all bets are off.

I'd just like to ask his wife this question: 'If you can't trust him
with your marriage, please tell me why I should trust him with my

Not to mention, while I think about it, the fate of this planet for
future generations.

Who says there's too much 'street furniture'?

....Surely not here in sunny Ross on Wye!

Because we are proud to be told how fast we can accelerate from 30 to
derestricted, though, along with the guys who put the signs up,
perhaps a tad confused what to do as we come in.

Maybe there's a revenue generation device (oops, safety camera)
around the corner for those who trying to obey countless confusing
signs rather than looking at the road and using common sense:)