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A new one that looks to be topical. As always, share and share alike.


The Register - Brown gov will make 'big commitment' to carbon capture - Big as in small - Nowt like backing a winner!

Greenbang - Carbon capture as much use a chocolate teapot: Greenpeace - Bless

Guardian - Can technology save the climate?

Indy - UK's climate change plans incoherent, says scientist - Oi, Gordon, I think a tabloid has another plastic bag opp for you to devote your energies to.

Greenbang - Think tank gives roadmap for carbon capture in the UK - So the technology is sound...phew. It's just how it gets specified, used, subsidised, traded and all round abused by the cabal of dodgy pols and venal corporates after a quick target-tick and/or short-term £reebie that are the problem.

So I can see all that changing right away. Not.

Gizmag - Carbon Capture: a bridging technology too far?

Guardian - Wicks: All is lost on global warming without clean coal - Feeling secure, are we?

Times - How carbon capture and storage (CCS) could make coal the fuel of the future - Ah, 'could' it?

Greenbang - Is carbon storage really all good? -

FT - EU split on carbon capture intensifies

Guardian - Live Q&A: George Monbiot on clean coal - While I might query the 'leading green commentator' bit, it's a debate, and may be worth following.

FT - The carbon-capture challenge

FT - NEW - Carbon capture and storage in very, very expensive shock


A new day, a new website


I'll share it, despite it still seeming to think Freecycle is the only swap site in town and knowing all about (and kindly promoting if not in the best section) reuse and's role for years. Lord knows how much will be ploughed into 'promoting' this one.

Department for Environment Food and Rural Affairs - E&EO


We are all being urged to rethink our approach to waste, in a new campaign launched by Defra (Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs) today.

The new campaign, part of the Government’s Act On CO2 campaign, looks at everything from food waste to furniture recycling and encourages consumers to ‘Remember. Reduce. Reuse. Recycle.’

A new website offering tips and advice to consumers on making better use of the things we all too often put straight in the bin or take to the dump, also launches today at

Research published recently by Defra showed that an additional 500,000 tonnes of household waste could be saved from landfill by doing more to reuse it or find another home for it. And if every household in the EU recycled one electrical or electronic item such as a mobile phone or iPod, 73,000 tonnes could be diverted from landfill – the same as 9,500 round the world flights.

Environment Secretary Hilary Benn said:

“I set out recently what the Government will do to help the country on its path to becoming a zero waste nation. Making better use of everything around us will really help us to tackle the impact our waste has on climate change, and save us money too. That’s why our campaign is encouraging everyone to rethink what they might think of as ‘waste’ and ‘recycling’ – we can all do things like put our old sofa on Freecycle rather than taking it to the dump, or recycle our old mobile if we get a new one.”

On balance, probably best left without comment

Exaggerated claims undermine drive to cut emissions, scientists warn

Thursday, October 29, 2009

\:( - RIP?

Waste industry speaks out about WRAP 'super body' plans - UPDATE 2 this

On the one hand I have been an advocate of amortisation to reduce the rampant waste through overlapping quangos. So... cautious welcome.

One the other... the lead is....WRAP???????

And what is it about 'superbodies' that gets my eyebrow cranking (new icon in headline) big time?

These are the guys that demanded my business plan, told us 'reuse was not of interest', and then copied a ton of stuff we had done, were doing, are doing and will do using no public money on driving 'not for profit' board member bonusses up in pretty darn near conflict of interest ways via box-ticking, target-meeting 'awareness' campaigns.

The outfit that figured giving huge amounts to vastly-profitable international companies to help them make more money on their packaging was a good deal.

Enough on the various interest groups surrounding this huge industry speaking out; what about the public and consumers being required to plough millions into all this with near zero say or representation?

Can't hurt to revisit

Simple, painless steps cut carbon and save money, a new study shows

And such as here great places to do it.

Not via endless multi-million £ 'awareness' box-ticking campaigns from overlapping quangos with too much of our money for the sense they possess.

POOH CORNER - Whiff-fi

OK, it's not quite 'pooh', but related enough:

The methane makers

And interesting.

Especially, in these recessionary times, how the chart matches our family meat purchase trends, though we have drawn the line at cannibalism. For now.

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

According to Plan?

Suitably 'inspired', I go off message...

Hey, what's the worst that could happen? They've ignored all my efforts at trying to engage thus far.

Marks & Spencer describes its journey from corporate social responsibility to sustainability

I'd like to think many brands/retailers are committing to environmentally sound initiatives and practices for more than pure bottom line as opposed to more laudable triple bottom line reasons. But the realities are few and far between.

Sadly, from personal experience, I have found too many managers (at least at mid, gatekeeper level) exist solely on what makes a margin. The talk from on high may be there, but the walkers lower down ain't hearing... or, frankly, being encouraged much.

And the retail world especially seems to make the Russian military look like a Woodstock reunion: the climate of fear at every level is palpable, from worrying about what might not make money to wondering if they guy above will get miffed at not having had a good idea.

The odd thing is that it IS possible to make green not just for the planet, but also your consumers AND yourselves.

Just stop thinking like buzz-word marketers and start empathising as human beings with shared values.

Marks & Spencer creates 'virtual patchwork quilt' for Copenhagen Climate Summit drive - Looking for tangibles... finding few. I imagine the presentation of the patch will attract a fair bit of PR come the day, mind.

Don't just DO it...

Actually... DO do it. At least... as well, if not first.

B&Q chief launches tirade against government Act on CO2 ad

He's bang on. They are only talking to a narrow demographic that a very narrow-minded bunch feel comfortable with. All urban 'Prius person' vs. the vast national majority spread that is 'Fiesta family'.

And it's insulting to figure the latter don't care about their kids' futures or have an interest in the various arguments still being had (despite what this ad claims, so the ASA verdict on the VO text will be 'interesting').

Plus I could suggest a ton better places for £6m to go that would "DO" a lot more good than yet another box-ticking awareness campaign from one of scores of over-lapping climate quangos.

Starting with a boiler scrappage scheme that will keep jobs in the UK AND reduce emissions!

Bye bye RE:Box, hello wheelie

A long time ago, in a land, well, right here, I helped with the creation of a kerbside scheme:

The RE:Box

Worked pretty well.

However, we are now at the end of an era (must remember to mark on the site pages).

Not to mention 20,000 blue plastic boxes (seems we get to keep them. Yeah, right. Other than me I can see everyone keeping a bunch of additional dirty, smelly containers. Look out landfill!)

Because we are all getting wheelies.

Or not.

Because, in advance of 'W-day' in November, I got a ton of literature (all of which seemed to say the precise same thing - I guess they want to kick off the paper recycling with a bang) and... a 2kg roll of plastic bags.

So far, so 'Huh?'.

Then I read one of them.

No textiles... no problem (The Can Do Crew and REthreads - two other Junkk-assisted local services are alive, well and serving the community still... until the box tickers descend here too, when their mates see some profit in this no doubt).

But... glass?

As ardent reusers, this is the one category we do recycle a lot, simply because of the volume generated and lack of major reuses we can think of... yet.

Now, it seems this all arises due to a confluence of circumstances.

First up, though we have a big house and grounds, it is 'on the street'. Which apparently means our wheelie would block the pavement. How putting out a bag wouldn't, and RE:Boxes didn't before...?

Then there is the 'elfinsaftee of glass in the bag.

So.... a ton of plastic boxes are being scrapped (I presume) to make way for a ton more plastic boxes most in the town or flats can't use, so we end up with plastic bags that won't accept glass.

This is not making much sense to me at present on any level. I have demanded a wheelie and will have to resolve access to it on collection day.

The only positives (so far) are that they will take (some) plastics and there will not (for now) be a trained sniper across the way should we pop the wrong thing in by accident.

But I do note they don't want them squashed. So a big truck is still moving 95% fresh air?

I am looking further into this. There is the council website. No mention of reuse or I can see. Ta, guys!

And, having called to ask what happens to all this carefully sorted recyclate, and being told it is on the above site (not yet, it seems), there is this fun fellow to trawl:

Another blog later, I think.

Going off the rails?

No, nowt to do with trains.

I am just wondering what has got into some sections of our political classes, and their notions of advocacy.

First we have the government just getting more bizarre in its kamikaze scorched earth end game, with such as Presidente for Life Blair and David 'sod this I need a better job than the one I'm supposed to be doing' Miliband vying for who can sell the UK out quicker to score a top EU job.

And then we have Lord Stern on climate duty, getting all fence sitters onside:

Climate chief Lord Stern: give up meat to save the planet

Of course he is right in that going veggie will make more efficient use of available food resources.

It'll make sod all difference to 'the planet'.

So 'we' give up meat (betting an all vegan diet is unlikely in the 1st class flights to Copenhagen and at all the banquets).

This buys us how long before 'we' simply expand to occupy the space and time that buys us?

Then what do 'we' forgo?

Wrong bloke. Wrong time.

And in one fell swoop he has rather tainted any possible good he might have been associated with in the past.

Monday, October 26, 2009

A load of cobblers?

Hey, this is billed as a rubbish site... what do you expect? Shakespeare?

A toe-curling maintenance/repair post from Make it and Mend it worth sharing:

Greener shoes – mending footwear

IRONY ALERT - Warning... nothing to do with 'green'

One man's exclusive interview is another's ratings score

Col. Gaddafi, eh?

Imagine if they had invited him on Question Time.

Red carpet, I'd guess.

Not like he did, or advocated anything 'serious'.

Funny old world.

At least he was elec... er...

What gets cut down...

...usually takes a while to grow back up.

Rainforest treaty 'fatally flawed'

Which rather goes to my concern at the competence and commitment of those in power currently shouting the odds on 'climate change' (esp. various methods of influencing the possibly man-worsened aspect) and how to 'solve' 'it'.

By coincidence...

SKY - - along with Cool Earth (noting a slight proliferation in diverse efforts) worth considering, especially at 50p in the £.

Friday, October 23, 2009



Indy - How to buy a greener car - The sub-100 Club
Gaurdian - How to drive a bargain


Indy - Why is the world so slow to produce environmentally-friendly cars? - Interesting summary
Times - Beat the Brown car tax swipe - Well, until the rules change again, at least
Indy - The latest affordable automobiles are as eco-friendly as hi-tech hybrids

Driving - US-based tips
Guardian - Life in the green lane -
EPA - Fuel economy


Ecologist - NEW - Biofuels rather than electric cars to meet renewables target - Paging Messrs Mandleson, Milibands, etc


The Register - SF's green mayor dreams of electric car heaven - With the comments an interesting breakdown of pros and cons

trendhunter - 32 Electric Cars - early days, but looks fun. Could answer some of my concerns on 'new' models and testbeds that are none too practical.

Times - Brown plugs into future of electric cars - Where does 'government money' come from?

BBC - Electric dreams: Taking to the road in a G-Wiz - ' see just how easy it is to join the green revolution... because it has no exhaust emissions... to wean us off our addiction to expensive and increasingly scarce fossil fuels and to save the planet.. for this clean[ER] and cheap form of motoring'. It may be bett[ER], but I would dearly love just one of our national broadcaster's reporting elite and editorial agenda setters to get their heads around the fact that, unless you go solar or nuke to generate 'leccy, the polluting/emitting pipe is simply in another place. This seems to have passed by the other great brain on the case, our Dear Leader, too.

Guardian - What is going to power our cars?

Times - Tesla Roadster - More for the 'discussions' in reply

BBC Ethical Man - The car is dead... long live the car - Worth reading for some of the comments. Not sure most journalists are up to the task of sharing the issues sensibly.

Indy - Boris jumps on board France's 'hire an electric car' scheme

- The great environmental attraction of the scheme is that electric cars produce no CO2 emissions -

Until we have sensible-enviROI methods of 'leccy generation (and even then nukes or renewables still produce some Co2 from construction through operation to disposal).... oh yes they do! The exhaust pipe is, for now, simply elsewhere.

There are many merits, especially in crowed urban settings, for such options, but please don't trot out tripe.

ps: Didn't a host of the French bikes get nicked? At least in this case the ID of borrower will be more thoroughly checked one hopes, but the opportunities for waste through attrition still seem high.

Indy - Vindication!!!! (the system wouldn't 'accept' my comment yesterday) - But what will power Boris's electric cars? - I merely think 'better' would be a more accurate first stance, and even this needs proving.

Telegraph - How to drive fast, have a good time - and still save the planet - [Oddly, my comment was not one of those published.]

...assuming not making a new car and/or not running one are out as options, one presumes.

'It has no exhaust pipe.'

'...this car was producing no more noxious vapours than a dandelion in an alpine meadow.'

Please be more careful. You even allude to it yourself, but by failing to be clear others have had to do so, and raise the spectre of, how to say, 'optimistic' reporting requiring certain facts to be checked before one rushes to commit to the purchase of a brand new car in the cause of green (look up some rather poor-enviROI notions being promoted under the term 'scrappage'. I did. And it seems that instead of buying an '02 LPG Volvo the brainwave is that I should have waited get funded to buy a 6 litre Jag to help Mr. Tata).

There is much merit in much of what you share... BUT...

There IS an exhaust pipe. It is just in another location.

And from it, in the main, there is just as much noxious gunk going skywards here in the UK. Just... not where your voters are, or indeed anywhere close to where many other luvvie 'reporters' are within hailing distance of a tube train. Hence more BBC moppets than you can shake a taxi-fare at gurgling away at the rear-end of a G-Wiz.

So before we have 'my other car is a Prius' and vice versa on the Tesla sticker-printing, whilst ignoring the Aston and the Range Rover in the 4-car garage, let's get the full story please.

Especially the bits about the subsidies and lobbyist-fodder and PR-spin than flies about to so easily turn a young blonde's head at the expense of what's actually good for my kids' futures.

ps: Any chance of helping me get my V40 bi-fuel on the TfL congestion charging list? It doesn't count vs. bigger and more polluting cars 'cos 'computer says no'. Nothing like a good box tick, or not, eh?

Low Tech - Who killed the electric grid? - Worthy read

The Register - Tata to release UK's first 'serious' electric car - Worth it for the comments

Times - Electric Car survey - hey, when you're getting A £5K bung from other taxpayers...

Guardian - UK powers up plans for world's largest electric car trial - ignoring the enviROI of the power source, if you do see merit in electric, at least there's a better choice.

Indy - Batteries included: Are eco-friendly cars any good? - Looks like it's a Tesla then. And no mention of enviROI.

Indy - Is Britain going to be at the centre of the 'green car' revolution? - Well, if we are going to be gadding about in electric cars this is good news. I just hope they have the source of energy side sussed by then. Electric is only green if it is produced and delivered in a green way. And the battery tech has a long way to go in all fronts.

High mileage

Sharkride - aptera
EPA - Gas Saving and Emission Reduction Devices Evaluation - Yes it is, obviously, US-centric. But we do now have a global readership and I am aware some of what I include is often irrelevant to those in other parts. Call it sharing the love. In any case, some of these products may make it here, plus the site is worth a gander anyway.


BBC - Hydrogen refuel station unveiled

Guardian - It drives well, but are hydrogen cars the future?

It may just be the name, but why does it seem to be a 4x4?

I have also been intrigued as to why, all other arguments aside, most other H2 outings seem to involve honking great bits of tin still.

Arnie's Hummer. Sir Rosie's 7-Series.

I guess it's part test-beds and part 'awareness' (like we need any more), but when are we going to get something like a normal 2/4 seat family saloon like a Fiesta so the plebs and those who only need it for work and or shopping can get enthused. Electrics, too. I'm afraid a G-Wiz or Tesla won't match my needs. At least hybrids are trying.

But that enviROI of what gets to turn the wheels is a biggie on the planet-saving front for a while, plus whatever the Chancellor decides to rake in trying to balance tax income with looking green that week.

For now I am trying to figure out how to get an R-reg Golf with 40k on the clock back on the road affordably having killed the engine when the water pump blew on the M4. Just getting it to safety was all it took to do the nasty,

At the 'mo I a staring at around £3k for a recon combo'd with an LPG conversion.

Might still be worth it 'til the next generation newbies are common and I can get a 2nd hander.

The Register - EU parliament says yes to hydrogen cars - Dontcha just love having our kids' eco-futures decided by guys driven round in 7-litre cars? Next thing you'll be telling me is Arnie uses a Hummer.

Times - Hydrogen future a long way off

Telegraph - NEW - Mazda RX-8H review - And it looks nice, too.


Meet Veronique - Junkk has bought an LPG car. This will track our journey.

Guardian - Driving lessons

eequality campaign - hat tip Adam Vaughan


Times - PRIUS: THE TRUTH - I should really get the original that inspired this letter, but it does show that the whole data/stats issue is very much open for debate. You might also notice a mention of a "Peter Martin"... another doppleganger!
Guardian - Is the Chevy Volt just hype? - any one say enviROI?


Guardian - Government may offer cash-back to owners who scrap old cars - Well, there's that 'may' word again. Interesting, but I hope they have worked out the enviROI between manufacture and operation.


eta - - check your car's CO2 rating... if you dare!
volkswagen - their vision of the future

Lord, hear our share

I guess how many votes might be in it.

Eh, Peter? Whadyareckon?

Scrap old gas appliances says the Corgi trust

Recognising that the advocacy group might have a vested interest, it makes a heck of a lot more sense to me than paying a person £2k to by a new Beemer motor car.



And not just me.

This from the ever well-informed and cutting-edge Dave of Solarventi:

Addendum 2:

Edie - The minister tasked with battling climate change has backed calls for the government to create a boiler scrappage scheme. - Maybe instead/in favour of car schemes and/or £6m 'awareness' campaigns in danger of being.. er.. scrapped due to falling foul of objectivity rules?

Addendum 3: - with that petition link if you find merit:)

After all the negativity of the recent 'climate awareness' nonsense, we might point our talking heads in more productive directions for their money, emissions-wise?

Thursday, October 22, 2009

QUOTE OF THE DAY - The best there is. Currently run by the worst.

From here,

'The virtue of democracy is that the temporary dictators so anointed can be removed without bloodshed.'

Oddly, I am fighting a rather one-sided (and not in an encouraging, 'here's comes the cavalry way') fight on another BBC blog with some forces that reckon a little bit of dictatorship might just be what's needed. to get things going their way.

It's the darndest thing, but my belief in freedom of speech and democratic process is currently outweighing my passion to set this planet to rights.

Actually it will be fine no matter what 'we' do, so I guess I am less keen on it being dominated by a bunch of GrEloi who, on current evidence, would make for pretty poor governors of most else that I also hold dear

Don't get mad; get engaging

Found out about this:


Now in the process if seeing if I... we... 'qualify'.

Might be a journey to be followed.


Another I can't believe I hadn't instigated before now..

As I come across/deal with them/get told/find time to collate all from my files, so shall they be added..


British Aerosols Manufacturers Association -
British Glass -


incpen - leading to useful lists of others
The Packaging Society


Aluminium Federation -

REUSE - Yay!

RPA - US-based - found via Sustainability: Pushing the demand curve forward for reusable packaging
- Oodles of use... er.. reuseful stuff on their site. Putting on nav bar next.


Absorbent Hygiene Products Manufacturers Association - -



Baby steps

Little increments.

Individually maybe not so significant, but cumulatively...

Got a call the other day from a lovely chap, who edits the newsletter for the IPO (Intellectual Property Office).

He was interested as much in my journey with RE:tie as much as the product itself.

Enough to stretch to two long chats.

With luck, it will result in some PR, and to some useful folk. Baby steps.

And in the course of this he mentioned some invention (especially 'green' related) resources I was not aware of, which I happily pass on here:

Low Carbon Innovation Centre. Good guys.

Plus some info on speed patents (which now apply to clean tech in particular):

And a recycling case study:

Public (that's me) Transport (that's often debatable)?

Directed by an RT tweet (ta) from myzerowaste to this:

Sustained - Stranded

I must say the story, and picture, resonated, as I hark back to last week's London experience at the Invention Show in Ally Pally.

From the outset I must stress that this was an unusual situation, and in no way matches the issues surrounding daily commutes (though hearing my urban chum's tales there is much needs addressing here too), but it is telling, at least in the context of this story.

On the Wednesday I drove in from the West and set-up my stand. My intention was to drive to my chums' home in Staines that night and return only by car on break-down day on Saturday.

However my ill-fated media opp intruded and I stayed overnight. So I did not go back for the first time until Thursday. 6.30pm. North Circular & A4. 1 hr. Door to door. About 25 miles. 1 gallon of LPG. £2.50.

Next day, train and tube in. 2 3/4 hours. Wet. Late. £19 return ticket. Missed the last train from Waterloo at 11.35pm (City that never sleeps?) because the tube didn't come for an age. No extra cost as I was the beneficiary of some truly human kindness having ended up at Heathrow T5 in the wee smalls and given a lift as there were no taxis. Dragged hosts out of bed, them having stayed up to midnight, my eta.

I will avoid London at all costs if I have the choice. If I don't, I will be in my car. £17 LPG tankful return door to door. £5/hr parking outside CC (folding bike from boot within). No peak hour surcharges that can take a Gloucester (and forget bussing from Ross to there, so I am in a car anyway and parking is £5 already) ticket from £30 to over £100 and leave me stranded at Swindon 1 in 5 trips if I wait until after the peak period to save money.

That's not eco. But it's simply how it is.

And not what 1st class, pre-booked, 'other folks' money', 'but our time is precious' pols and some major media sweetness and lite green journos picked up either end in chauffeured Priuses seem to have got their heads around.

Ideas, with luck, assessed well and acted upon

Overwhelming Response: GreenGov Ideas Pour Into White House

Here's that number again..

Greengov Challenge

On top of the release of the US zipcode data, this is significant.

Darn it, I wish I could edit and/or extend my now full label list


Kicking off with carriers. They're big in the news. I guess it's worth running a factual tally as a category.

Carrier Bags

Junkk Blog - inspired by an Indy piece

Guardian - some facts, if from a certain direction


Junkk Blog - about the hazards of disolved plastics in the ecosystem - inspired by the BBC

Plastics News - Time discovers the 'truth' about plastics
Time - The piece in question

BBC - A month without plastic - Lone woman sets off on personal campaign for a wee while. Gets lots of coverage from national broadcaster.

ps: I have kept all my waste for sveral years, luv... and advocate making stuff out of it. I wonder if she lives near White City by chance, or works in PR?

BBC - Her blog - Actually quite interesting, while it lasts, which can be a slight probelm with these (tried it for a while and then gave up when the funding stopped) efforts. Not all of us have a blog/commission that supports the effort. Or see it as a finite project measured in units of days.

Plastics News - Living without (some) plastics - Picked up and got 'em thing across the pond, mind. Time to get busy with my store of junk!

Earthfirst - The Impossible Task of Cutting Plastic Out of Your Life - Nothing is impossible. Just sometimes circumstances mean a few sensibel compromises need to be made.

Wasteonline -

Reuters - Scientists study huge plastic patch in Pacific - Not sure if such an area counts as a 'patch' mind. I still think if they are looking at mining landfills, this source is a no-brainer.

Reminds me of a Futurama episode

Information - NEW - How long does plastic take to break down?

For no better reason than that headline

Sperm Whales Act as Carbon Sink

Moby, the big green whale!

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

IN THEIR OWN WORDS - John Prescott, MP (Lab)... champion.

Councils should be forced to set aside land for wind farms says John Prescott

There's a lot in there to ponder deeply, especially bearing in mind how ecologically beneficial the aftermath of enforced traveler hospitality usually is.

Doesn't he have an entourage he needs to fly to Barbados for winter?

Whatever the merits of wind power (and there are many), them being advocated by such a person and his notions of state force seems hardly encouraging.

QUOTE OF THE DAY - It's cruel to share but...

Bearing in mind my dealings with, and opinion of, certain quangos... this from a job board:

'XX has just started a new discussion entitled - 'Head of IT and Business Adviser Available!' in the xxx Information Technology forum.

Hi all,

I am a Head of IT and former Business Link Business Adviser who finds himself a victim of the economic climate!

If anyone needs someone like me on a permanen or interim basis, give me a shout! :o)'

Reminds me off my first BusinessLink adviser visit (£300/d to the taxpayer?). During the coffee preamble chat I asked what his background was.. The answer from the bloke here to advise on how I spruced up my IT/media company's business model: 'Ohh, I was FD of a manufacturing company that went bust'.


A bit more fun from the same board, evidently using the same swear filter we do on Junkk (try finding 'scrapstore')

I am a dedicated, hardworking individual with over 5 ye*** *xperience in web management and online marketing.

- Use of ****ytics programs to increase and drive sales (Webtrends and Google ****ytics)


Every time I come across a new ad for and/or a new Carbon Calculator I'll add it here.

ActOnCo2 - still a triumph of budget expenditure over result
Carbonify - via a link - the site is, however, powered, it says, by wind, making it well noble.
Go Blue -
Google - I think it uses the data from ActonCO2
The Guardian's quick carbon calculator - NEW - and very 'visual'. Via here I was more interested in the tips to actually DO stuff to save. However, currently, with certain irony: Safari can’t open the page “http://www.guprod.gnl/environment/green-living-blog/2009/oct/21/quick-carbon-calculator-tips” because Safari can’t find the server “www.guprod.gnl”. Update - Fixed now. Or... was it ever broken? Maybe broken my end? I guess we'll never know, as I have noticed (esp. with the BBC) that when you point out a bad link they seldom acknowledge, so when it's fixed your advice post looks daft. Ta, guys. Update 2 - Credit where due... they have given me one (glows:) - Hat tip Ecologist - this looks more practical and useful too
H2O Conserve -
Little green blog (via MyZeroWaste) - NEW - Online Carbon footprint carbon calculators review
pasture2plate - - Via the Guardian. Actually, this'un looks of more value
Repak - For Eire

Treehugger - The Carbon Footprint of Carbon Footprint Calculators - Might just have made this page redundant (though I do claim a prize for seeing the irony of the plethora of the things). But why do I sense there will be more.

'LOL. But seriously... think of the awareness!!!

We also need to save all we can to send pols and journos and celebs to Antarctica to report back on the damage being done by... all those pols and journos and celebs going...

You're either in the business of green, or up against it.

Tell you what, pedalling while you type keeps you fit, mind!'

Waterfootprint via planetgreen

WWF via Indy -
The only problem is going back and finding all the others. But I'm confident that with enough ad COI budgets to blow, PR fees to expend and compliant editorial, they'll soon crop up again soon.

If you come across any, let me know.

What'll be fun is to see how many are funded to compete with each other by the same bodies we pay into. On top of all those duplicated servers running. Bless.

GOOD PACK, BAD PACK - It's a warp

Creative Cloud - 10 Absolutely Pathetic Packaging Fails

Hard to fault the selection.

Now, to the solutions...

The sound of a distant bandwagon being drummed?

Business Link: Lord Sugar is on the warpath!

How!... er... How?

How! was one of my favourite programmes; it showed you how to make things.

Warpaths are good. But other than saying the two sides are lacking, I'd be a tad more interested in the how of making things, and better.

With luck, one indeed hopes we might get to learn this too, in due course. Otherwise, it's just finger pointing, and for all the use of that, I have another way it might be directed.

And speaking of rubbish, I have an app for that... one that suggests it need not be a dirty word:)

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Are we being served?

A climate of...?

A few points about my article

Biases, U-turns, and the BBC's climate coverage

If you can be bothered to read these, and the comments generated as a consequence, I'd be interested in how you feel afterwards.

Here is my 2d'worth:

Coming in at this juncture one risks feeling rather like some poor non-com who has been ported into the dead centre of a no-person's land. And one between two mighty armies (if comprising about half a dozen, running along the trenches firing away to look extensive) shoveling ordnance into artillery pieces with no real concern as to where the explosion is, so long as it is big enough to raise a cheer from the 'home tribe's' reserves. So I have to say that I have a certain empathy with the image conjured (at least) by this analogy, as one kindly served a few before trying to help with my education in the past....

564. At 09:28am on 20 Oct 2009, rossglory wrote:

errrr, no. what i have noticed is the following exchange over and over again:

denier: can you explain why the sky is green?
alarmist: the latest science shows it's not green but blue.
denier: can you explain why the sky is green?
alarmist: the latest science shows it's not green but blue.
denier: can you explain why the sky is green?
alarmist: i think i'm wasting my time
denier: has anyone noticed alarmists refusing to answer questions?

But, in the spirit of 'balance', I just wonder if it might not be a tad more reflective of the situation(s) (literal and figurative) as follows....

'extreme pessimist': the latest science shows blue skies will turn green unless man stops turning it that way

'extreme optimist' that many 'extreme pessimists' like teasing... and deserve to be: No it's not

'Still neutral': You're right, but I'm unsure how much man really is involved to the level demanded and need to be convinced more before committing the whole farm to serve 'solving' things in the rather selective ways advocated by some.

'Some pessimists' (to any not conforming) : the latest science shows blue skies will turn green unless man stops turning it that way, and by even having doubts you are not with us, and thus need to be shut up or dealt with.


Anyone noticed some folk (if from all various 'corners') see things only their way and will not even grant the possibility that there is another view that at the very least deserves to be explored and/or heard?

'If only God the gift hae gae us, to see ourselves as others see us'

Let the bombardments recommence (with, I suspect, the odd frag grenade arriving in my shell hole from various trenches)!

My reply was mainly prompted by this post rather twisting the argument to suit from the off. There was a status quo which has been challenged for change by some who have taken a very absolutist view. Many, myself included, are not comfortable with this, or the methods chosen thus far. Especially to find myself targeted as a 'denier', which makes me feel 'resistant' to this grouping holding sway. I hope my innocent suggestion will be appreciated for laying that conceit bare.

I also stand ready to be accused of being in the pay of someone or other, or at least in league. Which is kinda funny as the ones throwing such accusations around seem to be mostly from the crew cheerfully suggesting they all meet back in the forum they have created to deal with 'wrong thinking folk'.

Lions lead by Mynah birds

Just tweeted this. Decided it warrants a post.

Obama could go to Copenhagen, but only if the talks go well

Statesmen? What are they...11?

'In other words, if everything goes well, and it is clear that a historic climate agreement can be reached, president Obama will be prepared to turn up to share in the glory. If the meeting looks like being a horrible mess, ending up in acrimony and recrimination, we should expect the president to keep several thousand miles between him and the smell of failure.'

Mind you... 'Mr Brown said he would definitely go to Copenhagen, and urged other leaders to do the same.'

If any other 'leaders' learn from history, they'll keep several thousand miles from the smell of failure, too.

Newsnight - Ethical Man - Climate conference 'set to fail' (at least the headline is the less dramatic way round this time)

Is 'set to' the same as 'will'?

Anyway, interesting, as I read this the same day, coincidentally in the FT

Obama could go to Copenhagen, but only if the talks go well

I'm guessing that might mean a 'with regrets' RSVP then?

No photo-op, no President? All those Nobel gestures in vain, too.

When expectations get pre-managed too much, the outcome seems seldom optimal.

I am sure that if he passes he will be sorely missed, especially by our PM.

Enjoy the trip to America.

I forgot to add... 'again... and it's such a pity the BBC has no US-based reporters', as there is a certain irony in the sheer number of times a BBC employee ethically flies in the name of green 'awareness', especially in the name of get upwards of two readers... often.)

Monday, October 19, 2009

RE:VIEW - BIS Show - inspiration vs. perspiration


1. Lights, camera... cancel! My 15seconds of fame dropped as footage of a reality star comes in.

2 & 3. Big media draws.

4. The BBC surveys a major exhibit.

5. I decide an empty stand deserves the Junkk treatment.

I once wrote a song entitled 'The Buffet of Broken Dreams'.

It was when we were at a music event in the USA, and I came across a table strewn with CDs and tapes that various attendees hoped an A&R guy or radio station would snatch up.

In reality, they were either ignored or merely taken by others vaguely interested in what the 'competition' was up to.

All the choice stuff was already long on its way, pre-determined by the needs of the organisers, the dark arts of paid promoters, and the need of the media for something interesting and, outside of radio... 'visual'.

Don't mess with the FO

It all didn't start well. Not for me, I hasten to add. I was on a little to lose mission at worse, though events did manage to conspire and collate as the days progressed.

For a start the stands were not ready to take their charges until the last minute, which resulted in much scrabbling by many. Fortunately my design was free-standing and so I had it up and active to insert when ready. But one huge aspect blighted the whole hall, and throughout, and that was the empty stands of those from overseas who had failed to gain visas in time. Some visitors did ask me why they were coming if it was 'The British..', but I really didn't have a problem. So long as the ideas were solid and as well displayed as travel restrictions impose. However there was a certain sense of 'you scratch my show's back, and I'll come to yours..' that tended to shape the way folk were treated. Money talks. Not great, therefore, being a charity case.

Quantity vs. quality?

But soon we were off. The weekdays were a bit disappointing. Few punters, and not many media, who seemed to be more guided by the time-honoured investigative technique of going to the press room and being told who was worth looking at. I lost count of the times various peripheral stand Morlocks like me would try and rugby tackle a passing camera crew or scribe with a notebook, only to have determined PR Eloi ladies run very effective interference.

But breach defences I did, and when I managed to do so the signs were good. Even if luck was not often with me.

The weekend was much more fun, if potentially useless business-wise. But I did meet many, many nice members of the public who did go round all the stands and ask for a demo. None had a problem with RE:tie, understood its function and potential and wished me well as guaranteed users once on the shelves. With luck a few have relatives in high places.

The Gong Show

Awards are great. If meaningful they can be a hell of a boost, both personally and in certain influential places. Even if not so meaningful they can still be used, if with a certain amount of creative licence, to drive some PR.

I had/have no axe to grind this time. I have one of the top awards from an International Show, and have merely added some functionality to that base design. Though I have to say most public visitors were much more interested in that over the 'green' aspects, maybe due to the age ranges that comprised the majority of visitors (quite mature).

But I did find the judging system a bit odd. Basically you needed to be assessed by 3 in total. However, it was just who happened by your stand first, and with no tilt to expertise. And as one judged loved the idea I was at first quite encouraged, until at the end he produced a flyer for his funding service and asked me to sign up. Not, IMHO, the most objective or disinterested way to be judged by your peers.

Hence I was as intrigued as much by what won small (everything won something) as won big. And I really felt for those who had paid a lot, from money to time to emotion, behind some truly great, innovations/inventions, who had lost out to what was often either just a reworking of an old idea, nice prototypes or, frankly, stuff that has been done better by a lot of folk who really have better things to turn up to such shows to promote their wares. And are working in hugely complex areas with decades of research behind and ahead of them, all leading to peer reviewed papers at truly international levels.

One thing I have to give the organisers full credit for was the gala dinner... quite stunning, from venue to layout to food to entertainments.


Would I do it again? Doubtful, at least with the kind of invention that really excites me.

But I do have a few that I think may see value in the possible exposure this can lead to. Namely forking out for a stand to stand a better chance of having a tabloid crew swing by to stick a blonde (if I do not supply one myself) next to it and pen 'Cop a load of that' in a jaunty piece about barmy ideas to fill a page. Or to possibly tickle the fancy of Dragon's Den producers looking for fresh meat to throw to their ratings-above-all 'professional' employees.

In short, pretty disappointing, though I did meet some nice folk , some of whom my prove helpful as well. And one is all it needs. It's the digging for the gold dilemma... when do you stop, as that rich seam may just be a few feet further?

The trick is not to invest too much... time, money or emotion... unless you have fully appreciated how the game is played.

Not a lesson I have yet fully mastered, but I am getting better. Or is it just more world-weary?

For all those who suffered at last week's BIS show's 'media day'

Greenbang: We’re all about news, not nonsense

And here's some other thoughts on that:

Gordon Kelly
(via ShinyKatie) What pompous anti-PR self important journalist crap: "If it’s not news, we’re not interested" [thx genius]

As one who can see both sides of the coin, especially having been at and trying to promote a show, I tend to err on the notion of 'if you can't say anything good, shut the heck up', but will try and be more productive with : 'If it grabs you, great. If not, there is always the delete key'.

What I mostly witnessed last week by way of the great and good of the media world at 'work' was enough to reduce one to tears, and not just in frustration.

Our 4th estate is mainly just in a state, and for one to try and presume they have a higher ground above others, especially those simply trying to work with them in the cause of sharing a story with a potentially interested audience is... 'quaint'.

I can see Greenbang are trying to correct the fact that most 'news' is anything but, and most reporting is press releases rebranded or tat that will get ratings, and all with near zero thought from 'reporters' or 'editors', but I'd say they have chosen the wrong targets and in the wrong way.

And are now reaping the 'benefits'.


Didn't take long for the first example of our highly professional modern 'news' media at work to arrive:

Girls and Boys were not so alone in Channel 4 reality show


You may know that has a prominent 'Answers' section.

It occurs to me there may be value in listing as they come along (and I am reminded to upload from the archive) various sources of potential information...

Times - Green and Confused - via Environment - accessed via

Treehugger - Ask Pablo - Send your questions to Pablo(at)


There has been one waiting on the site since its genesis.

Can't believe I haven't added a blog complement to collate them 'til now.

Warning - Eat lunch afterwards.


Greenbang - Dung: It’s not waste, it’s fuel

Hepune - NEW - The Scoop on Poop


Ellie Pooh

Talking the talk, walking the dog

A few decades back, a Unipart commercial scrolled up my TV screen and then, at the end, proudly exclaimed: 'The answer's yes... now what's the question?'.

Now I return to these shores after a career spanning the world, it would be 'The answer is no, as it might go wrong and I'll be blamed'.

And after waaaay too many sessions (funded by the taxpayer) with various quangos and their employees, despite their being in an ideal position to matchmake complementary talents, they all still give me 5 half days just to drop dosh on me so long as I tick a box, and totally fail to understand that what makes innovation pay is a team that takes creation to sale; and not every good idea is generated by a person capable of, much less skilled in drawing up 10 year projections that suggest targets that need to be set but never met once signed off.

RP - BOGOF (later)


Tesco wants to help prevent food wastage by allowing customers to collect their “2 for 1” offers on separate days (report, October 17). Why not just reduce the price of one packet?

Marketing, my poor Ms. Lamb, marketing. It's all about selling, not saving. And if looking like you are saving sells more, then so be it.

That said, I grudgingly concede this 'BTN' (better than nothing) status.

Too many rotting apples at the bottom of our BOGOF barrel.

RP - Junkk Male reposts Junk Mail


Ninety-four per cent (by weight) of the mail I receive is unsolicited junk. I am threatened with fines and a criminal record if I do not spend my time correctly sorting this rubbish, which adds enormously to landfill and recycling.
The Government could easily require all junk mail to bear a mark, so that those who do not want it could “opt out” from receiving it, while still receiving genuine mail. Of course, the Government won’t do this because the Royal Mail depends on junk mail for its survival. It is one vast, ecologically unfriendly rip-off.

Which is why what comes out of the mouths of most of our pols and WUVI media remoras in their thrall, is hardly worth the paper it's wasted on.


Patrician Scotland

Truly, a 'Government Of All Talents'

I guess we get what we pay (though the nose) for.

It... was... good to be back

Gordon Brown to warn of heatwaves and flooding if climate change deal fails

I already have a problem with this new reporting trend of telling us what folk 'will say'.

And hence, when I switched on a wee while ago to hear him saying it, I was even more crushed by the clunkiness of the message than its mere delivery managed.

The man is the kiss of death to any decent message on any worthy topic.

Telegraph - Forget Al Gore: Gordon Brown is the new Scaremonger in Chief - at least Al Gore has been concerned consistently for decades. As opposed to the last few sound bites.

Ch 4 - NEW - an email intro: CLIMATE CHANGE

Having saved the world from economic disaster, Gordon Brown has set forth to save the climate change summit in Copenhagen.

He has hijacked an economic forum of leaders gathered in London to deliver a speech in which he declares "there are 50 days to save the climate".

It comes at a time when the possibility that America might just manage to come up with some serious measures in time for Copenhagen, is becoming stronger.

Tonight, the chances that Copenhagen will either be scuppered or succeed. We will be talking live to Washington for an assessment of where the critical votes in the US senate now lie.

PM warns of 'catastrophic' climate future:
Copenhagen: deal or no deal?:

Sunday, October 18, 2009

QUOTE OF THE DAY - One man's...

"It's only funny if someone else laughs along"

Me (again... until suggested otherwise... again)

QUOTE OF THE DAY - Last rights:0

"It's always good to have a laugh. Especially when it's the last one"

(Me... until suggested otherwise)

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

The things we do to get noticed

I'm learning lessons still.

Expensive ones.

The drive in to Ally Pally was smooth enough, thanks to the Sat Nav.

So I arrived at about 11am. But it took me to gone 2pm to set up.

Yet another Junkk stand high on reuse but low on ease of use.

I'll post a picture if I can get this lappy to find the drivers for my ancient mobile/camera.

Still, it could have been worse; come media time half the stands were still bare. Seems the visa guys had not smiled on most of the overseas exhibitors.

So you might imagine that would have given me a clear shot at the London media.

Not a bit of it. These guys do not arrive and find out. They arrive at expect to be guided.

Hence... next time hire a local savvy PR.

The number of times a promising opportunity got missed as a brisk, brusque lady in a black suit arrived with a clipboard and told the journos where to go next.

But I did my best. A BBC guy (I think) called Graham Satchel gave me a few minutes, but didn't 'get it'.

A reporter from The Sun took some samples and promised to come back with his photographer, but didn't. I really wanted a slot in a tabloid.

Next lesson of PR: don't let them escape!

My best shot is with GMTV. The upside is a possible understudy slot during tomorrow's Breakfast Show. The downside is being there at 5am... 'in case'. That has meant finding a local B&B (£65!) and a 4am alarm call.

Ah, well, it's certainly not 9 to 5 in the conventional sense I guess!

Play it forward

Hope I got that right.

Not sure if I will be able/have the time to blog over the next few days, so as I head out into the still dark morning (and a series of rush hour nightmares) I share this:

The best shop in London

Here's to those who do, and do so in the best of ways, with the best of intentions.

Next stop... Ally Pally, London!

Do come and visit.

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Breathing space

Just about to set off, in glorious sun, to the BIS show, when I discover that today is the set up for the big boys.

Tomorrow morning, just before the media arrive, is when we minnows get to play.

M40... do not do your usual at 8am .... pleeeeease:)

The upside is I do get to kiss the missus Happy Birthday tomorrow morning.

The down side is... I am now meddling.

One, thanks to prodding from IT guru David at sound-i, is to create a competition to encourage sign-ups from visitors. Hence, if you come along, you stand a chance to win one of two awesome eco-prizes!

Well, some dryer balls or a bin thing that kinda looks like a huge RE:tie.

As to the rest.... well, with luck there will be some constructive critics in next-door stalls.

And with no 'leccy (too tight to spring for that), I am also wondering if I have enough time to get down the shed and knock of this awesome baby to run my PC:

Pedal-Powered OLPC Laptop for Kids in Afghanistan

Beats standing around all day:) Might even lose the paunch.

What goes up...

Junkk is not just about incentive/reward in matters green.

It is also about fun.

Hence, a big up to....

Hat tip: Make it and Mend it

Monday, October 12, 2009

Junkk in Action!

Mad panics getting the stand designed.

Even more getting it assembled to check, and then disassembled to pack in the car.

And it's at this point I realise how brittle my precious RE:tie prototypes are.


In a celebration of the concept, the perfect container is found.

QUOTE OF THE DAY - sticks and stones

Feeling a bit battered.

But have to get used to it. Being short and half-Scots means that if I don't agree with something, I am usually moved to say so.

I am just surprised at how many seem to see the only way to 'win' an argument is to take the most extreme position... and then stay there no matter what.

"The complete absence of doubt makes for reassuringly impressive armour in the cut and thrust of debate. That is, until an opponent exposes even the merest chink in it."

Perhaps the problem is more that such folk are more interesting in not just 'winning arguments' but totally dominating them over getting stuff done and/or moving on.

I would leave them to it, but these guys to seem to have a stranglehold on the narrative and seem to be proving a real barrier to progress.

If the public gets its head around positive, proactive green initiatives that do not pose significant impositions but do save planet and pocket, then the opportunity exists to move them on, through honest explanation and persuasion, to further measures as they become clear and present as 'dangers' if not addressed.

But using absolutist language to justify either not doing a thing or throwing everything including the kitchen sink down a enviROI-free green hole will not work for me from either 'side', and I will feel obliged to speak out when total commitment to one or other is demanded with no allowance for rational doubts.

Sunday, October 11, 2009

One swallow does not a summer make

... and I have managed to become the anti-christ of two extremes of the 'climate' debate.


I could see where this was going...

The BBC’s amazing U-turn on climate change

...and decided to pitch in and make a case for the middle ground (whilst trying to point out to the extremes that the whole issue is highly complex and waaay above petty tribal tallies... such as trying to claim a single BBC report is a 'U-turn'*) but also firmly staking out how I think it is too important to be left any more to the various protagonists who have pitched in so far.

Of course it is but a small aspect of a very complex overall debate.

However, it comes at a point when public trust is being demanded from some quarters that have less than stellar records in this regard, in the run up to some fairly honking great decisions with some hefty, long term price tags attached.

I personally believe the climate is changing, and for the worse, and that ‘we’ sure as heck are not helping so it’s well worth proceeding with caution and mitigating sensibly wherever and whenever we can.

Just as the penned words of one media employee mean diddly squat to the totality, what I write here is NOT support for the ‘all is fine’ brigade to keep on as they have, but I fully concede that a few rather high profile, possibly well-meaning eco types have tried to have their cake and eat it, and it’s gone off.

We need new advocates. But seeing how comfortable most of the ‘green elite’ have become, I am not hopeful.

Because I believe, to date, the communication of the issues to the public (who are key) have been totally mismanaged by usually self-selected cabals in support of often unelected but usually totally inept / scientifically -ignorant / lobbyphilic / target-centric complementary boxtickocracies in the politico / activist / quango / media establishment who can come up with such as this:

‘Climate change sceptics are to be targeted in a hard-hitting [£6M - that would buy a lot of winter insulation, just as $35M from some other awareness-addicted clowns would buy a few water wells ] government advertising campaign that will be the first to state unequivocally that Man is causing global warming and endangering life on Earth.

If the Copenhagen missions from other countries are guided by equal groupings, then the planet is well and truly stuffed.

You persuade through the power of your argument and being honest, un-hypocritical and clear with your audience. The powers that be are now highly compromised in this regard, having been mostly addicted to policies of fine, frighten, guilt and threat too often in pursuit of power and control over legitimate issues of concern that do need addressing. And have been waaaay too cavalier in boosting anything that served their causes. Especially whilst conveniently ignoring a bunch of other stuff which was either too hard or didn’t involve a tariff or taxable offset.

And now it’s all coming back to bite ‘em on the tush they’ll be screaming ist/zi/inger like Milliband. D when he doesn’t get the pudding he wanted at his birthday party.
I want a better planet for my kids, but I am not prepared to consign them to living it in a small box eating Soylent Green and not going anywhere. Because all that mindset buys is a bit more time.

We need better, more creative minds on this.

All the current batch have managed to do is to make my job a ton more difficult, as I spend all my waking hours DOING stuff on ways to reduce waste and improve efficiencies.

It’s saving planet AND pocket. But even with those clear plusses the audience needs to feel the effort is worth it. Stuff like this either confuses them or puts them off, and gets the door slammed in my face, and those like me.

I can already feel the ‘traitor to the cause’ knives sharpening, but crushing other views has backfired at near every turn, and I think, for the sake of my kids, to save the tree we need to cut out the dead wood and start again.

Heaven knows how, but the alternative status quo under the current regimes is a dead-end creek that stinks.

It got noticed, but not always in a good way:( So I hope this comes across as suitably firm in rejection of partisan demands, but fair:

I have a a dream, and that is meeting the Marketing Director Kellogg’s to pitch my idea for making all their cereal packs reusable.

And I’ll kick off by saying ‘It would all just be junk but for that extra Special K’

That way everyone involved (brand, customer and me) can make money and help the future.
I prefer to go for incentive and reward. Seems to be more reliable.

If you’d like to debate any points I’m making I’m cool. But if it’s playing with names and my calling… not so much.

Just off a BBC post board where some climate change ‘enthusiasts’ (hard to get a snappy descriptor that is accurate and/or not a silly pejorative) reckon those who don’t follow their ‘way’ blindly need to be jailed.

It gets heated. And it seems like too many prefer that to illumination.

Not interested.

Ah well, off now to visit Mum in her home to tell her all we have done this week with Junkk and are going to DO next. Peace will reign. Briefly.

Nowt like being an equal opportunity offender.


One swallow does not a summer make.

So I do wonder if it is fair, or accurate, to totally project the reporting of but one employee onto the ‘views’ of a corporation, not that ‘they’ should have ‘views’ one way or t’other in the first place. part of the problem, I suspect.

As one interested, I am not clear as to Mr. Hudson’s status, at least as ‘its’ climate change correspondent.

There are surely others in the ‘reporting/corresponding/editing mix (Harrabin, Black, etc), so do they enjoy other, semantically different and hence significant titles, and no specific brief on this odd, rather hard to pin-down entity… climate change?

There is however significance to be sure to be read into the fact that this solo chap’s piece has been seen to stray from… well… best not to get into that.

I sense others have the time and energy to square off on the consequences in days to come.

Addendum: Yet more form the funny farm. There really seems a need on the parst of soem that you offer total fealty to their respective religions. Spooky.

In this day and age, is having your own mind so scary to some?

Still with worrying about the who and less worried with the what of the discussion, eh?
Oddly, just like that other interesting bunch over at Richard Black's (another BBC green/eco climate/whatever reporter/correspendent/editor/whatever (I am sure the difference matters... to someone) who seem so emboldened with the... ahem.. 'success' of a certain Ms. Abbess with Roger Harrabin (another BBC, etc) they seem to figure they, and only they are 'the way', and any dissent is to be dealt with harshly.

I tend to follow a less certain, less dogmatic line. And in a sad era of a need to belong to a tribe, it's my own.

The extra feedback JustinXS and geofftheref on the main protagonist is appreciated and encouraging. I have long had more than a concern that events were being interpreted, narratives enhanced and represenations made fair by folk whose popular reach was not quite matched by their qualifications in matters of scientific investigation and explanation. Mr. Hudson seems a rare, and most welcome exception to the 'rule'. Still just 'a' bloke, mind.

Can't speak for t'other (seems very nice) fellow I seem to be associated with coincidentally on the basis of no more than names with two k's, but since you asked so nicely... oh.. you didn't.
So, sorry, cannot find it in me to oblige:)

It's kind of weird to find myself as an equal opportunity 'offender', as by my stance I seem to have incurred the attention, and ire, of both climate optimists AND pessimists (the best non-judgmental descriptor I can muster for the two bookend camps for whom 'you are either with us or against us' seem shared mantras) simultaneously.

Which is quite a feat, if one thinks about it.