Friday, November 27, 2009

Take the rest of the day off

I wish.

This was sent by a nice fellow from here.

A few idle moments at least, well spent.


(and as a pure aside, I seem to have now been given 'extra' Label space over the 2k limit I blew a while ago. Ta Google/Blogger)

Decisons, decisions...

Needing get back on the old blog horse more.

And as it's Friday, maybe ease in with lighter fare.

Amongst my worryingly burgeoning twitter follow list is this fine fellow, who I tracked back to his blog to share:

Reusable Bag Roundup

‘Which reusable bag is your favorite ?’
Still, gotta be… the one I made…:)

A subject dear to my heart

In so many ways!

Waste is a potential resource, not a problem

As a passionate advocate of reward over fine, nanny, guilt, scare, etc, all of which have worked so well with the public so far, I have to concede a cautious welcome to the principle at least.

But... shopping vouchers? To go and buy yet more stuff to throw away?

As some here have raised, reduction and reuse remain ahead of recycling in the waste hierarchy, so at the very least make the incentives as pertinent as they should be tangible. Discounts on energy saving schemes or items, maybe. Points towards big ticket items that lead to further savings, such as:

Or, if legal, allow aggregation and/or transferability, for compo or as a donation. I'd be happy to allow my 'points' go to buying a match-funded boiler for a pensioner over most tax-gouging redistribution schemes in the name of green that seem to be flying about (or to Copenhagen) from many in high office and held in low esteem at the moment.

Also encourage reuse at every turn:

Better yet, encourage getting it designed-in:

All IMHO, better than an addiction to recycling which, as a last resort, is fine, if done properly:

I remain unclear on where all this box-ticking, target meeting recyclate ends up. Better than landfill to be sure, but... where?

IRONY ALERT - Timing is all

Forbes - Will The World Go Shopping? - today

And tomorrow?..... Buy Nothing Day

Addendum: Buy Nothing day is only the beginning for a new counter-consumer culture

Guess this one (from top right on the page) won't be operational tomorrow:)

Addendum 2:

Brand Channel - Today's Consumer Is [Insert Adjective]

Reuse gaining favour again?

I have Dave of Solarventi to thank for this:

An £800,000 programme has been launched to ensure more household goods will be reused and recycled across Scotland.

Recycling agency WRAP Scotland has been given the cash from the £7.5 million INCREASE III fund to encourage community organisations to improve infrastructure for collecting and reusing furniture, white goods, carpets and other household items.

Grants can cover up to 50% of the eligible project costs and will be focused on innovative ideas that:

Work in partnership with local authorities to recover items for reuse from civic amenity sites, such as household waste and recycling centres.

Fill gaps in current service provision, either geographically or by type of household item.
Announcing the new fund, Environment Secretary Richard Lochheart said:

“Reusing furniture and household goods is a perfect example of a simple, cost-effective step that can be taken to help us reach our goal of a Zero Waste Scotland.

“This latest round of investment will specifically target areas where reuse facilities are not up to scratch, encouraging the public to reuse and recycle rather than dump their furniture and household goods which are often still in working order.”

Funding will be allocated through a single bidding round. Applications must be submitted by 8 January 2010.

For further information about the programme, visit the WRAP Scotland website (opens a new window)

Source: Scottish Government, 13/11/2009

Not certain quangos I cold mention, who have in the past done their best to ignore me, and my efforts, even to help them in theirs. But I shall persevere.