Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Quick Question

Dutch plant idea of Tulip Island

I have a picture that I may upload, but the concept is pretty clear.

Thing is, while I can see how it can relieve pressure on overcrowded cities, how does and island protect the coastline from rising sea levels? Some storm surge effects maybe, but 'levels' will just find a way round, surely.

Also, other than a pretty satellite picture, what possible benefit does this design confer?

'Arctic is screaming'

From Fox News.

"The Arctic is often cited as the canary in the coal mine for climate warming...........Now as a sign of climate warming, the canary has died. It is time to start getting out of the coal mines."

All very depressing, but a major signal to those on their jolly in Bali. Let's hope they take some notice.

I'll save us even if I have to cripple you you to do it

Darling fights back with promise to be a champion of the environment

Interesting headline. However, if the methodology is simply ' announcing higher green taxes in his first Budget next spring', forgive my eyebrow arch.

Especially as all else I garner from this piece is that Mr Darling will say: "We must live within our new carbon budgets for the health of the wider world; and play our role in avoiding the threat of catastrophic climate change."

It's Xmas, hence one the other one has been pulled, it will at least ring.

Saints preserve us

Geldof: 'help the planet ... go nuclear'

Plus some other fun stuff. You gotta love him... sometimes.

Times - British cities shun London’s wasteful car tax

Bless. A scheme designed more to pour money into civil service pockets and pensions than any actual benefit to person or planet. Whodathunk?

I rather enjoyed St. Bob Geldof's views on it all recently. Un-PC to the last, this multi-millionaire only bought a hybrid to drive all day and dodge the charge.

Nice one Ken, and all those well paid munchkins in the TFL.

Agreement or Oblivion. And there is no Agreement.

Newsnight - Climate Change

Well, at least I now find out where the films from around the world also cropped up.

Funny old world, eh?

In two sentences we go from the stark choices of agreement versus oblivion to the need for fairness. Which seems to mean, if the ongoing 'debates' are anything to go on, not much agreement. Which leaves...?

I came to this second slot 'Meanwhile, in other news: the end of the world' topic via Mark Urban's excellent and courageous report from Iraq. For what it's worth, enough to reshape some of my views on this mess, and also the BBC's ability to report on things with objectivity. Well done.

But it also highlights the pointlessness of dealing with entrenched positions. Some will not be happy, or change their views, no matter what they are told. Though perhaps what they are told these days and by whom are factors. Trust is a crushed butterfly now.

I am simply struck by how large numbers see fit to ignore basic facts, critique without solution, or fail to accept that some solutions are no longer that simple.

Hence there are US troops in Iraq, Israel exists, and there are 6 billion and counting humans who have or all one day will want a car and a/c. Deal with it. Composting toilets in Islington won't address the bi-monthly trips to Gstaad, my loves.

Or, though sweet, I rather doubt the poppet in the US switching off her lights is going to do much to offset the whole house being cooled 24/7, 365/365, if they live in a Southern state.

Which is what sprang to mind as I saw Roger 'Mr. Benn, I presume?' Harrabin emerging from the jungle in full suit, as was our Minister of hot air. If you wear 3 layers and a neck vice in 30 degrees and 90% humidity, you probably need a bit of carbon-guzzling energy to keep you cool (it would be fascinating to see if all switch off when they leave their rooms, or maybe after a hard day it is nice to come back to more than a silly fan can provide). Along with all the other 5* trappings, such as tinkling fountains and a fresh flower on the pillow each day, all interesting messages that don't quite equate with what the self-appointed messengers seem to be saying.

Not that they are saying very much, or if they do, much that means anything.

'The current draft has a reference to set a target..' I think I heard. Spiffy. That'll do it for the old agreement vs. oblivion balance, quicksmart. We're saved!

Mr. Benn talks reductions/mitigations, but his government and country don't seem to be able to actually do 'em. All I have heard of late is missed or rearranged targets that serve only as topics to justify global jollies to discuss, and the ringfencing of this island by offshore windfarms.

Thing is, I can't seem to get any sense out of anyone as to how these things might work to actually reduce emissions. If they are as green as they look then fine, but if not (deliverables such as actual outputs and reliability - the lasting through design life variety) it's another con to add another nail in the credibility of those who claim to be concerned about our future and acting sensibly to addressing its preservation.

I care, and I do. But heaven help us that, as an environmentalist and climate pessimist and proactivist, I am so sick of the current crop of pols and media camp followers who don't do as they say, I almost feel ready to say the hell with it all and book my own 'study' of 'climate change' in Antarctic for Christmas and join them all round the polar bar for a swift toast to the end of our world.

The end of the world. That's what oblivion means, right? And yet this is the second post on this topic. Maybe the rules of engagement need looking at a bit? And I don't mean in Iraq.

BBC - 'Crunch time' for climate change