Thursday, September 04, 2008

It's not just who you know

There's a rather dusty, cobweb-bedecked page on the main site called 'Legal Eagles'.

It's there to post and share little snippets from the legal world of business that affect us and, in possibly you too.

Hence I'd like to pass on this from dotmailer, who handle our regular (I'd love to write 'monthly', but that's still an ambitious commitment I am unsure I can meet yet) newsletter mailouts.

Are you registered as a Data Controller?

As pointed out the fee vs. fine makes it a smart thing to do if you have a mailing list.

We have been registered from day 1. And have in place all checks possible to protect the data held on our behalves. Not too terribly sure what the ICO does to make things better, as all they have ever done is sent us an invoice, but there you are.

Little acorns?

In the spirit of pushing BTNs I share...

Sainsbury's and HP buddy up on recycling jamboree

However, a day at a store smacks of a stretch.

See, oh... who cares? If it has carbon in it something will stick

Keeping up with carbon jargon

All I know is an awful lot has already been committed to stuff based on definitions no one has yet to agree on, let alone understand or get behind.

Just the facts, Ma'am

A worthwhile piece (ongoing series) by Auntie:

What the survey didn't say...

The myth of counting
Putting percentages in context
Just what is average?
Just because?

With luck her reporters, anlaysts and commentators (and others) may take heed.