Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Or.... reuse?

Getting a bit frustrating banging on about other alternatives, but as Aunty has investigated...

Throw-away Britain

Service? Or meeting a target?

Addendum (from a thread):

'...this "empowerment" is a growing trend. Doing it yourself whilst the people that you pay to deliver a 'service' spend all their time "incentivising you" with chip and bin fines, cameras and ASBOS..'

[This] horrifying bin scheme is a manifestation of this "empowerment" - bullshit of course and the worst of all worlds. You pay for the service, do it yourself and have to endure bullying from the state.'

As pithy a summary as I have seen of how these new 'initiatives' are concocted, mis-promoted and, if history is judge, will be more effective at generating money then helping my kids' planetary futures.

I have to put my hand up and say I am a believer in some sort of incentive-based schemes that are, effectively, pay as you go/throw. But only if this contribution by the consumer/rate payer in money and effort is rewarded with consequent reductions in related areas.

Mind you, I was a young home owner who though the Poll Tax seemed relatively fair. But I guess that was 'different'.

How times have changed, and changed views.

Newsnight - An exchange that seems pertinent for now.

Waste not, want not.

Well put.

Reduce: don't buy so much tat in the first place - Agree, though being told to spend like there's no tomorrow is a wee bit contradictory at the 'mo.

Recycle: encourage easier and more widespread recycling facilities - Agree. Plus much better national connectivity, from logistics to communications. It doesn't help that I am hearing that recyclate is deemed to still count on EU targets as 'recycling' even if its quality is useless to those seeking to make something of it. Or see budgets of multimillion £'s being sunk in Charlotte St or SoHo to create 'awareness' levels that tick boxes and add to the bonuses of the quango directors and Ministers who commission them. This seems a direct conflict of interest.

Re-use: think of ways in which the packaging etc. can be re-used about your home. Agree. Especially if it can be designed-in to be second used. I might suggest that one, a namesake, exists already:

There are others of course, though mainly in the area of redirecting away from the landfill. Hence well of value. These are linked here

Alas, we seem to be losing that Blue Peter spirit that was so much a part of my childhood.

FWIW, has been described as 'Blue Peter on steroids'

With luck, by getting back to fun and reward over guilt, thread, nanny and fine, the general public may yet see merit, and profit, in getting back to make and mend. Especially in these crunchier, more eco-concerned times.

And maybe business will follow too. Who knows, the government and its various organs of efficiency might get on board, too.