Friday, July 08, 2005

The Spoilers

Again I write before the full story unfolds. But I know what I want to write as it's not the first time, and sadly will not be the last, in this country or any other. The perpetrators of the London bomb blasts are cowards. So if I hear or read one thing about 'tough', 'daring' or 'audacious' in the media or by any apologists I think I'll gag. In a democracy it is easy to make and plant a bomb. All 'coordination' takes is a map, a schedule and an alarm clock. And if you are so sad with your own life you want to end it by taking other, innocent ones with you, it is even easier. One has to presume this was timed to coincide with the G8. Those guys are up there; this happened at the other end of the country. An easy, soft, target.

All these terrorists are simply losers and bullies. They have no honour. They are not fighting FOR anything, and like the bitter and twisted puppetmasters who direct these sad cases, are simply out to destroy everything. Like any parasite. they can cause pain and kill, but they need to know how insignificant they are to the positive body of people on this planet. They only shame themselves further with these petty efforts.

Now is the time to focus on what is good, and in so doing starve these spoilers of the fuel that feeds their wicked flame. I have just read a online newswire posting (URL link by clicking above, or cut & pasting below) by John Mappin of, who advocates positive news. He has been quoted as saying: "It is extremely important that the media who report such tragedy do not fall into the trap of forwarding the terror and fear unnecessarily. For in so doing they themselves become merchants of chaos serving those who would have us hate."

Let us hope his call is heeded. But already I question the value of some coverage I am seeing, other than serving the ratings ambitions of the media. If there is nothing more to say, don't say anything. Don't fill space with pointless, silly commentator questions and morbid interviews with 'experts' or 'past victims'. Sick footage does not help my comprehension of what happened. What did was a vox pop with a bleeding girl who ended by saying her wound was insignificant, and she was more concerned for the others. She, fellow noble innocents, and the efforts of the emergency services are what will inspire.

And finally, though the perpetrators cannot be ignored if they are to be caught and brought to justice, let's never forget that the most important people in this tragic event are the victims.

John Mappin's post: