Sunday, April 08, 2007

From a confluence of effluence, with luck, common sense

Without going too theological, nor very accurately metaphorical, this period is sort of about the benefits of 're'. And a few things have happened of late to get me re-thinking and moving on a bit of re-jigging to re-store what we should be achieving.

From a recent event where there were more funded quango personnel in the room than creators, deciding if the few with tangible ideas they were there to assess should get 'support', to today's BBC News pleading with 'us' to 'give our thoughts' to provide lazy source material for legions of commentators on the issue of military persons whose main achievement was to get captured being allowed to sell their stories, I have decided I've about had it with those who do nothing and, worse, those who talk about it all endlessly and to such little effect. I was about to reach for my keyboard to pitch in when I realised these parasites are not the ones that matter, nor will they make any difference.

So while I am not going to stop blogging, I'm going to cut down a lot. And devote my time to making work better and harder with and for those who wish to engage in all we are trying to do with it.

There are some major, and I hope productive changes afoot on the site design, and I'll also be pushing these more with a return to PR (I still need to get the message out, which means some lying in bed with the Devil) and the newsletter.

Hope it works.