Monday, November 27, 2006

Well, at least they are consistent.

Or should I say symmetrical?

It all started so well. We didn't go into the SKY Big Idea expecting it to be Shakespeare, but it was a good chance to get some exposure and win some seriously useful money.

What I didn't anticipate was just what lengths the organisers would go to to steer the show the way they wanted. And the more I became aware of this, the more I asked questions, as did others - the website is worth a read, especially the Forum, to see the disconnect between what was promoted to both contestants and audience (25p a go texters).

And the more I asked questions, the more such coverage as got went down the pan. At the beginning we were those kooky guys with the neat idea. By the finale, they had edited us with a very nasty voice over and judges all saying it was the worst thing ever. Which of course they did not. Fear the man in the edit suite!

Well, fear too the man with a hard disc recorder.

I just had a scope through the footage, and another thing about the final has been raised:

From the sequence above, in addition to getting first pitch of the night (and hence the most chance for people to vote), who had their glee club right in shot at the back, and with a convenient, perfectly positioned placard throughout the entire show and all other contestant's pitches?

I'll give you a few hints: he won. He is the only one not there (there were seven, so I decided on symmetry, too). And even at this pathetic size and resolution, do you notice that curiously well contrasted yet back illuminated bluish panel at top right, often right next to the guy's heads. That's his product... in everyone else's pitch!

For what it's worth I doubt he knew, but I am prepared to bet the production guys did. No camerman or producer would let that by more than once. Even the guy holding it looks like a stagehand (I've been called paranoid once, but at full res in digital... it would be fun to find out who he is)!

Thing is, on balance it was about the only truly innovative idea in the final, but having micro-structured the set-up over the last several weeks, with all sorts of odd things befalling those who thought they had a chance by the originally stated criteria, it seems they couldn't take a chance even on that.

Who says you can't trade in Carbon?

I don't know if they were here (that is, compared to saving the planet) first, but for a bunch of folk with sod all to do with anything to do with it, these guys are certainly making the most of that name.

This should be a no-brainer.

I'm not really in the business of pushing new cars, but I'm a red-blooded male and I've seen hyrids overtaken by milkfloats and Smarts as the custard filling between two Euro-lorries, so when the trusty R-reg gives up the ghost I will need another. Unless, of course, they sort out the transport syst... well, it was worth half-mentioning.

So I really got excited by this.


Price £23,270-£29,015 (not so excited by this)

Performance 0-62mph: 7.9sec (yup, that worked)

Top speed: 147mph (when using E85 fuel) (well, if you are an off-duty copper or judge maybe)

Power/Torque 210bhp / 228 lb ft (when using E85) (that's more when it's eco!)

It's cleaner faster, gruntier and greener. So then this just plain doesn make sense:

Only 13 places in the UK sell E85 and they’re all Morrisons supermarkets, mainly in Norfolk and Somerset. Until cars are taxed on net carbon dioxide emissions, there is no cash advantage to buying.