Thursday, September 06, 2007

The best question yet!

From today's Guardian article by Guy Edwards.

Sometimes you just happen across something where the question that you knew you always wanted to ask, but couldn't quite phrase it just in the terms you wanted to, is asked for you! So here it is ........

"How can it be that one man is able to persuade the UK parliament to go to war in Iraq based on weak intelligence, causing thousands of people to protest on the streets, and at the same time millions of people cannot convince their own leaders to take the threat of climate change seriously when even the chief scientific adviser to the government says it is a far greater threat than international terrorism."

Quite! And deserving of some valid answers!

"Brown's recent decision to downgrade the ministerial committee on energy and the environment has demonstrated an uneasy truth, that there is little substance behind 'Brown's green facade'."

You heard it here first! See last paragraph of Met Office Prediction.

"We are running out of time. Brown must take it upon himself to act - putting a stop to climate change requires the power of strong leadership."

Well, let's see if Ol' Golden is up to the task. I have my doubts.