Friday, June 08, 2007

Something rotten in the state of...everything, really

Though not actually about very much to do with the environment, I'd put this forward as a short, well-crafted analysis into how the state seems to be playing things 'on our behalves' - In the drink unaware

It is about a less than sympathetic industry, booze, but there are parallels to be drawn and lessons to be learned over here in eco-land.

To kick off, I am unsure as to how much of what is proposed is going to make a blind bit of difference to the reality of the situation. And, yet again a bunch of folk, from a legal industry to those who are allowed to use its wares, seem somehow destined to be caught up in a dodgy morass of competing do-gooding, revenue-generation (let's not forget that the less we drink, the more they need to make it up in taxes elsewhere) and official ineptitude, topped off with no actual responsibility or accountability at any stage.

Dealing with what goes into the system - namely people's desire and ability (and, with life the way it is now, some might say need) to drink - not being addressed very well (I really question how many million-£ campaigns it would take to stop any strata to go' that's a good ad; I'll give the beer a miss'), a failure for 'us' on a personal level to deal with it and, at the gutter end the state's inability to cope with the consequences, this seems a hiding to nothing that will cost a lot, do not much and probably make things worse. But will make a bunch more meddlers and consultants and officers of the state richer in ever more extensive empires of control.

A bit like most green 'initiatives' that I'm seeing of late.