Saturday, January 09, 2010

Driving Mrs. Martin - Nippy helpful advice

You may not of noticed, but winter has returned.

So I just thought it was worth sharing some very useful, proactive tips and tricks that my dear wife has tracked down, following her short but expensive introduction to the joys of snow driving and black ice on an untreated road this time last year.

Especially as all that is in this cold 'snap' (how long does it last before a new temporal definition applies... a cold 'drawn out agonising echo'?) happening is apparently 'unprecedented' (that means it hasn't happened before), and there's a chance that while the helpful notion of 'not travelling unless you have to' may tick a box in some high-paid circles, especially those now putting grit on ration, to keep the economy running most still have to get from A to B to do X & Y to earn a crust.

So fresh from her PC via my PC to yours (noting all, so far, are from our national broadcaster doing what they should be doing, informing factually rather than opining or evangelising, and doing it well)...

Fab advice here from peeps around the world who are used to snow and icy conditions.
Your tips for coping in a colder UK climate

Top tips for driving safely in the snow and icy weather

How to drive in snow and icy weather

Feel free to add any that help. Possibly more useful than some gracing our screens and pages with a bunch of excuses and 'It wasn't our faults' who perhaps deserve a tad more challenge in future when asking for a wadge of wonga to prevent things long term that they seem a tad shy on even basic contingency plans to prepare for now.

Addendum (with luck addenda)

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