Thursday, December 04, 2008

Cars of the future?

An interesting look at vehicles of the future, from CNN.

Hmmmm. I didn't realise that Toyota was losing money on each Prius sold.

Rain stopped play, ironically?

Will you join London's climate march?

Mixed feelings on this one. No, I won't be there, as it's in London. But if any readers are around... I have shared.

Also she rather raises a key point. Versus X-Factor, Strictly Come Dancing and the financial crisis, is calling all to a march, whilst very people power, democratic and all, really going to motivate the masses?

Maybe effort might be better spent emulating these despised icons of modern day life and finding something like them that does get more people to care and enough to join together in making a difference? I also have a slight 'thing' about being 'against' climate change, which really is a rather sloppy rallying call. The climate changes. What is a possible problem is the way 'we' are not helping it do so, in severity and frequency. Such muddled articulations can compromise a lot of goodwill and start pushing into agenda-driven activist territory.

Kinda cute that a poster needs to help a dedicated environmental beat journalist with making more of the whole where and when thing. Almost like she lives in her own little bubble with all her green mates, eh?


Commercial schools

Small businesses do face very tough times (letters, 1 December). I am not the owner of a small business but a former teacher, and I strongly object to the large banners hanging on the walls or railings of innumerable junior schools, announcing that the school is collecting vouchers for one supermarket chain or another. Schools are demeaning themselves by allowing themselves to be used as advertising hoardings, and schools should not disadvantage parents who are the owners of small businesses, by giving the impression that supermarkets are the obvious place to shop.

Or, should I say... dilemmas.

Having just, with our Voucher Tree efforts, been complicit in such an effort, This has given me cause to ponder.

I must say that, when we were doing the publicity, we considered using just such a poster on a railing to highlight our collection efforts, and everyone agreed that they did not deserve the publicity. Interesting that such a 'poster site' would usually be subject to a lot of planning, and even more money if not 'in a good cause'. It seems I am not the only one who can be cynical.


A small piece on BBC Breakfast which typifies why I feel the whole sorry news, and especially science & tech.. er... environment* aspects are now less than worthless.

It was on.. corks.

In the (lightly nutty with a hint of spice) red corner we have a luvvie oenophile, for whom no bottle should cost less than £100 and be 'tainted'.

In the green corner, we have some bloke on about some bit of fauna being eradicated if the cork tree orchards are converted to other uses.

Now, I will leave out the majority of the 'debate', and my feelings on the matter, because my concern was with the conduct of the moderators.

Even when the two 'experts' were accusing each other of being plain wrong and/or being strangers to the truth, the response was 'oh, well, we're running out of time, you two sort it out later'.

No.... I was trying to arrive at a view and was left with an unresolved petty spat. This is supposed to be a news programme; not Jerry Springer.

* (there's been a name change, apparently. Why? While there are cross-overs they are distinct topics)