Monday, June 13, 2011

IDEA - Food Can Tin Lid

Mundane maybe, but also significant.

Last time I bought food tin covers they cost 50p for two.

This... was free (well, after the cost of the coffee which I bought as a consequence of the TVC - if they can kill passion on coffee grounds, I can sure as heck go one better and do so for a reuse idea).

Also uploaded are the other components (you never know).

Lights on. No one home.

There are many motivations to 'go green'.

Threat. Persuasion. Inspiration, Bribe. Guilt.

Readers of this blog I prefer 'inspiration'. And if that can be tangible in £ terms, then why not?

But often simple self-interest can be the motivator. If it takes nothing but saves a lot, then it's hard to see a down side.

We don't have a big garden area but it's enough to seek night-time illumination on call.

Hence there are several spots around. All LED. All self-contained solar.

Now I can appreciate the solar is not really an option on many public facilities (though often vast areas do suggest opportunity), but for the life of me, and my rate bill, I can't see why the investment cannot be made in a simple timer/ambient light meter combo to spare unnecessary waste (the irony of the sign on the skip next to the floodlight being 'Green waste' is not lost) at 10.15am on a bright day.

Now, who on earth does one contact to share this notion with? On the case.

Friday, June 10, 2011

Facilitating Reuse Designs

Much as I bang on about designed-in reuse, there are other nifty ways to reuse.

These two save space... and a whole lot of plastic.

Spray 'n spout!

Kudos, design whizzes!