Wednesday, July 15, 2009

POOH CORNER - Gentlemen, fill your engines...

OK, I'm half right (think number 1's)

Pee Power Potential Fuel: Convenient and Greener

And to think I'm plotting LPG stations round France for our camping trip.

Range on the home

I'm still smarting having been blanked by Mr. McC (or his people) on another issue, but this seems worth sharing:

Make existing homes greener, says McCloud

Of course it ties in with my reuse/pair notions anyway, but also sets up the obsession some have with making new things to solve PMWNCC. Which usually translates as making money or giving it away with a dodgy enviROI sticker on it.

And let's be sensible. I live in a 400/300/200/100/50/5 year old property. Only that last 5 is in any way shape or form designed and built to high green standards.

Hence I, and I suspect others, need all the help we can get to do our best to make the most of what we have got. Not snappy new initiatives all the time.