Tuesday, September 20, 2005

Busy as a beaver

Of course, Junkk.com wouldn't have existed but for one. In fact two. Beavers, that is. Without my young sons losing their neckerchief woggles, I wouldn't have started working on a concept to locate items for reuse from things that would otherwise get thrown away.

So it's all their fault. Sorry boys. 

Because we are currently living in exciting times, which is one above (or is it below?) the rather dark 'interesting'.

And it is stretching Daddy and his merry crew to the limit, both those within Junkk Towers and those working on our behalves.

As I am on a metaphorical roll, the beaver lodge we are building is starting to take shape, but I do concern myself that the swift, but careful pace of construction is getting tested by the number, and indeed size of logs that seem to be coming downstream at the moment. And looking at the next few months these babies are going to be like tree trunks with outboards.

With our various PR and marketing efforts starting to bear fruit, we are finding ourselves required to be in two, perhaps more, places at once, yet until the income stream kicks in we do not have the funds to expand our resources to cover the demand. I am erring on the side of cloning as an option.

But in one area we have so far been positively woeful, and no amount of cloning will make a whit of difference. And that is selling ourselves to the right kind of innovative sponsors. It has become clear that have built it, they may come (and indeed are coming, even before our launch roll-out), but they won't until we can prove a lot of them have. 

So in the spirit of focus we're shifting all our efforts and resources to simply making the site so gosh-darn useful that a whole lot of folk will find it hard to resist... daily.  Then, and slightly more tricky, we get to share this notion with them. Bet ya never saw a full PR campaign strategy knocked off quite that blithely!

But it would be a silly set of sausages who didn't accept that one happy day we will need to sell ourselves so we can keep on doing what we like to do. Or for that matter, know what to do if someone calls up and wants to buy in. 

Which is why we found ourselves up in sunny Telford yesterday talking with some very serious chaps about funding and sales and stuff. I think it went well, though they seemed to be in some state of shock at the way were doing things, though I'm happy to say there also seemed to be a lot of support for what we are trying to do. Not every day you get to be part of saving the planet whilst having some fun.

They may well be able to help. But in case not, if anyone out there happens to know someone who'd like to take a small punt to make a pretty good living by adding some hard-nosed, bulging-Blackberry, top level contacts-driven, S2S (suit to suit) smarts to making our idea for Junkk.com actually work as a business, please point them our way... tomorrow if poss;)