Sunday, October 21, 2007

The answers my friends, are blowing in the wind

Two papers. Two views on micro-generation.

Shout it from the rooftops: you're powering the country

Should I buy a rooftop turbine for my house?


Who does is cost to save the planet?

Well, it should come as no surprise as to who is trying to gain financially.

Green travellers face VAT shock

All I could manage was a slight giggle. I think it has gone beyond farce.

'Dere was dese two fellas

And I am sure there will soon be another. Thing is, do we deserve, or need them?

Charles launches campaign to save ravaged rainforests

So to the multi-billionaire Mr. Eliasch and his Cool Earth, we can now add HRH. How long before Al decides to add saving the forests to his portfolio of investment opportunities... and hence things to get us to support?

Now I am all for awareness, so long as it gets things pointed in the right direction. But three (well, two, so far) white, rich, 'not really practical for us to do, but say, why don't you guys try?' chaps splitting the whole forest saving gig into ever-more fractured, labour intensive, camps (offices, staff, jollies, etc, before a twig gets any money - unless they are joining forces (if so not mentioned in the piece), which seems unlikely as there are egos that need to be spared before anything else)seems to suggest we are heading down a familiar route... again.

Watch this space. Not knocking trees down is now 'in'.