Monday, April 27, 2009

Opportunity knocks

Customers in a fizz over sweet-shop favourite

Well, at the very least, for the 'new', improved pack there's a greenish mitigation awaiting at I look forward to assessing its potential.

I tried posting that sweet notion on the thread, but the stupid Indy 'Live Journal' system truly blows chunks and won't play on either Mac/Safari or PC/Firefox.

Maybe a kind reader might try?

NEW - Guardian to the rescue - A right Sherbet - I think they have a bigger readership, too. Result! Maybe the brand may be moved to cooperate?

Express - NEW - ANGER FIZZES UP OVER NEW SHERBET TUBE - I now see my mission to reduce anger, too

Daily Mail - NEW - Killjoys take the fun out of the Sherbet Fountain to make it more 'hygienic' - Is it just me, or do all the stories read like cut and pasted press releases? Hey, if the opportunity is presented to big up Junkk, I'll take it!

packaging news - NEW - Media outcry as Sherbet Fountain drops paper for plastic -

Human Nature?

That was the question that sprung into my mind when I first saw this from TreeHugger.

Although the sample is fairly small, I am pretty sure that it is almost certainly quite representative of mankind's mindset. The article reports on a survey about global warming and it's impacts, and it certainly did not surprise me that most people believe global warming will have major impacts elsewhere but not on themselves.

Perhaps it is just coincidental that this comes on the day that swine flu (is this worse than bird flu?) panic has hit Mexico and the USA, sparking concerns of a global epidemic. Oh well, nothing to worry about, it won't affect us, will it?