Friday, November 14, 2008

IDEA - It is art...

...but as I have four rescued from my garden, can't a way be found to reuse them?

Artist creates sculptures from hubcaps

Maybe a central community drop off 'lost 'n found', say at a local garage forecourt, to let folk see if they can retrieve them... and make a charity donation as a thank you?

A new mission!

Prof's Poser - Polystyrene cups

Inspired by a post here.

'One of my pet peeves is how many coffee cups are wasted. Why don’t more people use a thermos type or reusable coffee mug?'

I don’t know the answer, but I bet someone does.

As with all things eco, one needs to look at the enviROI. And also bear in mind whether your eco concern is waste, Co2, or a mixture of both.

It can be interesting sometimes to find out the energy used in, say, cleaning a reuseable vs. the cradle to grave of a disposable.

Sad to say, IF these things are a necessary evil, I am stumped as to possible reuses for now, however I then wonder about recycling.

This is not often optimal green-wise or anything like cost-effective, but these wee efforts tend to be used and disposed of in vast numbers by big offices.

Maybe there could be an argument for a dedicated in-house separated collection and purchase of a shredder to create virgin media bags of the stuff someone might be happy to collect and/or pay for to turn back into new ones?

If there isn’t already.

Or… just lob it all in the black plastic bin liner like usual.


Spot the missing word here.

Now, what could we turn this into?