Wednesday, June 04, 2008

One for you; three for us

UK Floats Idea Of Carbon Allowance For Individuals

Nice in theory, but by coming from this nation's politicians, rather unlikely to get off the ground (sorry, I should say 'avoid sinking without trace') here for a wee while, especially in light of previous expertise shown in managing such matters in the name of green. Anything that involves box-tickers from government, and especially traders from the City, to oversee and profit from, is a tad tainted, sadly.

Share and share alike

A useful new post from the Guardian: Ten ways to save money by going green

I have turned it up to 11. Feel free to crank more.

It needs 'em.

What's odd is that, despite being a blog post on CiF (and that almost demands 'antis'), this is no nanny opinion piece but simply info sharing. Yet the volume of negative feedback is vast... and worrying.

Space, the final insult

I have been less than inspired by many aspects of space tourism. But apparently I was wrong on one count: it is greener. Apparently.

ESA: space tourism greener than ordinary airline flights

I stand corrected.