Wednesday, October 14, 2009

The things we do to get noticed

I'm learning lessons still.

Expensive ones.

The drive in to Ally Pally was smooth enough, thanks to the Sat Nav.

So I arrived at about 11am. But it took me to gone 2pm to set up.

Yet another Junkk stand high on reuse but low on ease of use.

I'll post a picture if I can get this lappy to find the drivers for my ancient mobile/camera.

Still, it could have been worse; come media time half the stands were still bare. Seems the visa guys had not smiled on most of the overseas exhibitors.

So you might imagine that would have given me a clear shot at the London media.

Not a bit of it. These guys do not arrive and find out. They arrive at expect to be guided.

Hence... next time hire a local savvy PR.

The number of times a promising opportunity got missed as a brisk, brusque lady in a black suit arrived with a clipboard and told the journos where to go next.

But I did my best. A BBC guy (I think) called Graham Satchel gave me a few minutes, but didn't 'get it'.

A reporter from The Sun took some samples and promised to come back with his photographer, but didn't. I really wanted a slot in a tabloid.

Next lesson of PR: don't let them escape!

My best shot is with GMTV. The upside is a possible understudy slot during tomorrow's Breakfast Show. The downside is being there at 5am... 'in case'. That has meant finding a local B&B (£65!) and a 4am alarm call.

Ah, well, it's certainly not 9 to 5 in the conventional sense I guess!

Play it forward

Hope I got that right.

Not sure if I will be able/have the time to blog over the next few days, so as I head out into the still dark morning (and a series of rush hour nightmares) I share this:

The best shop in London

Here's to those who do, and do so in the best of ways, with the best of intentions.

Next stop... Ally Pally, London!

Do come and visit.