Friday, September 16, 2005

Would you like a side order of spam with that?

Emma's first foray, and she has fan mail before the electrons had stopped whizzing to and fro. What is it about blondes????!

But before you think the green god of jealousy is striking, I had already called 'he who lured me to the blogside', Lloyd of Perfect Path, to ask if there was such a thing as blogspam.

Sadly, it is so. Hence, having got excited about the nice feedback of late, though perhaps wondering what Iraqi dinars had to do with saving the planet (I actually had got a rather nifty geo-political link concocted in my ego-draining delusions), I guess we remain either alone in the wilderness, though perhaps appreciated by a silent few.. or maybe many.

Another bubble burst.

Though not a flood, something must be done, and Lloyd says there's not a lot that can be. Apparently the software to hijack a blog is simple.

So for now I guess I'll have to switch off the reply button. I'll also see if I can delete those we have had so far. Though I may leave up the first one that had me fooled enough to reply, as a reminder that for all the net can do for good, there are those who will seek to compromise it.

If you ever want to get in touch, there is always!

No Waste Like Water

Here goes my first contribution to Peter’s blog. He missed last night’s episode of No Waste Like Home, so here are my comments instead.

After meeting Penney at the NEC on both Tuesday and Thursday, I was determined not to miss this week’s episode of No Waste Like Home. The couple in question lived in a swish London apartment, and had a good disposable income that was spent mostly on designer clothes and food. Their biggest vice was water consumption. I can’t remember the exact figures, but the water supply they used for bathing and showering in a week could have provided nine people a ten-minute shower everyday. The dishwasher was used for a couple of plates and cups, and clothes were washed everyday. If food didn’t ‘look right’ it was thrown away, and if clothes were unfashionable, they were also thrown away. They came across as a little snobbish. I was able to relate to this, because unfortunately I do have a few friends like this who I nag constantly, and will do even more after seeing this episode. In the first week they managed to cut their water usage by three thirds, started recycling their waste, reduced their food bill and food miles, and reluctantly took their clothes to a second-hand shop. They even purchased organic clothing made from hemp, cotton etc – but they preferred their designer clothes. By the end of the episode, they decided to buy local organic produce online, rather than traipse around the local food market (they didn’t like the look of the food in the market), and had delivered leaflets to all their neighbours campaigning to reduce water usage in their block of apartments. After the episode had finished, the couple had got the local council to install recycling facilities, purchased a Hippo Water Saver for all of their neighbours, and wrote a letter to the prime minister about the environment. They felt that Penney had really inspired them, and they felt that before they knew about the three R’s, but didn’t know how to incorporate it into their lives. I think this has helped to show young, busy people, that small changes can make such a big difference, and not affect street cred!

Stop Press!

No, I mean it... stop the press!

Oh heck... too late.

While we were in the NEC a reporter from an online marketing publication called New Media Age phoned to ask a few questions about

I guess it was following my meeting the editor last week, when I was telling him what we were up to, and as he showed an interest I followed up to say we'd get some info to them when the site and launch were ready.

But it looks like the cannon has been well and truly pole-vaulted, and they have done a REVIEW!!!!

Sadly it's a subscription magazine (and one we had yet to add to our 'time-to read' and budget-stretching list of publications to digest weekly), and not as prone to lurk on the shelves of WH Smith here as in Soho, so if anyone has a copy, please let us know!

We really, REALLY hope they have been nice, and whatever happens really, REALLY, REALLY hope they will do another one when we have all the new stuff up!

Oh well, they do say there is no such thing as bad publicity.

Nice knowing you...

From today's Independent:

"Global warming 'past the point of no return"

A record loss of sea ice in the Arctic this summer has convinced scientists that the northern hemisphere may have crossed a critical threshold beyond which the climate may never recover."