Monday, May 26, 2008

Love the theory. Not so such about the practitioners.

Labour plans green revolution to slash energy prices and win back lost voters

On past evidence... what's the betting that it ends up putting more money in the wrong pockets, cost more than it saves, and needs to be undone at vast extra cost?

Good in theory. Dodgy in practice.

I remain to be convinced on offsetting on many levels. This doesn't help.

Billions wasted on UN climate programme

Yet again, I don't think it's so much what needs to be done that is the issue, but the competencies of those who have taken it upon themselves to do it.

Ina world run by box-tickers, getting yet more box-tickers and their targets into the mix seems a recipe for, well, such as this.

We need to get back to product, not process. And pronto.

View from the middle ground. Well...

What do you get when you mix a pretty consumerist viewpoint (Wired), with one from the green corner (EcoGeek): WIRED's Call to Environmentalists: True or False

For once, a not too extreem set of views from both sides... ish.