Thursday, June 28, 2007

Today's Top Ten .....

... Predictions. (About Climate Change)

As presented in The Times by the eminent Scientist (maybe?), Zoologist (yes), Climatologist (probably not?) and sometime explorer, Tim Flannery.

Nothing to cause too much dissention in them, was my first thought, but the response comments contain some of the most vitriolic, vehement arguments against AGW that I've ever seen.

"His next job will be as a carnival psychic, clairvoyant, or palm reader. He is well rehearsed in making vague predictions that fit any eventuality."

"Anyone who considers Tim Flannery to be a font of scientific knowledge displays their own ignorance. "

"It is my understanding that Tim Flannery has no scientific credentials. His claims have little or no substance. "

"ten of the most wishy washy unproven and heavily contradicted predictions of all time, I'd say."

"The notion that Man is causing global warming is as ludicrous as a flea floating on his back down a river, with an erection, yelling 'Raise the drawbridge!' "

I suppose everyone is entitled to their own opinion, but I can't help suspecting that these responses are probably very similar to what the first 'scientists' who claimed the earth was round, as opposed to flat, received. (Generally just before they were put to death as heretics!)

Just a little poser for you - is this the same Tim Flannery who was voted Australian of the year and subsequently much abused by some in government over there?

Let the work of change begin

So ol' Golden's now in charge, and talking about change. The Telegraph.

After ten years of 'fiscal prudence' ensconced in No. 11, during which time ol' Golden has presided over: ...............

- An iniquitous raid on pension funds (including a huge chunk of mine);

- More than 100 increases in various taxes, both direct and indirect;

- The employment of millions of extra 'public servants' (who the rest of us have to pay for, including their gold-plated, index-linked pensions!);

- Council tax that has gone up by more than three times the level of inflation over the decade(with a corresponding reduction in services!);

- The pouring of extra billions into the NHS bottomless hole without any visible improvement;

- The waste of billions on what now appear to be pointless wars in Afghanistan and Iraq;

- 'Massaged' inflation figures against which pay deals have been set, so that millions now earn less in real terms than they did ten years ago;

........ I'm afraid that all I have left in my own pocket is ............... change.

What's the betting that the new incumbent of No. 11 finds some novel way of taking that off me too?

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