Sunday, March 25, 2007

Work with me on this

Please read the following (It mirrors what I heard on the TV this morning):

Sailors admitted incursion - Iran

Royal Navy personnel seized at gunpoint by Iran in the Gulf have admitted being in the country's waters, an Iranian general has claimed.

At what point did it really become clear to you that our armed forces may have done nothing and admitted nothing wrong, and in fact the whole story is based on pure speculation provided by a questionable source?

British Backstabbing Craven News

Well at least 2 others liked the Budget.

Politics Show West Midlands

Caught the tail-end of the piece with the Lab Enviro Minister and the Lib Dem MP (no Tory? Maybe that was explained earlier).

Pathetic. The former vainly trying to keep his seat in the face of gesture politics ('My ministerial car is a Prius', indeed). The latter trying to do the same whilst trying to explain away, much less justify using whose money to buy-off a trip to Brazil on a jolly.

I hope the voters should them the contempt they deserve. Not for wishing to address environmental issues. But for trying to do it so hamfistedly and in such hypocritical ways.

Why I cannot respect most UK institutions.

Following the kidnapping of 15 British service personnel by a hostile and erratic foreign power, what we are treated to from, and in, way too many quarters?

A minor royal in a night club.


Possibly not too good for the planet, either.

Changing a bulb is risky at BBC

Maybe, in mitigation, and in light of the BBC's climate concerns, we are talking low energy, long life bulbs?

As Bono's people said to my people...

A conflict of interest?

Having lived and worked (albeit a long while ago) in the States, I was struck how much more important journalistic standards were held to be there, by both protagonists and their audiences.

I tend to agree that it is a bit of a storm in a tea-cup in many ways, but does highlight that what we are served these days is all to often not what matters, but what gets cooked up between a small, privileged cabal of media elite chums who exist merely to serve each other's, or their paying client's interests.

As you say, we can make our own minds up. Maybe that is why so many turn to blogs, in the hope of accessing real news not concocted between a PR agency and 'corespondents' who are addicted to the celebrity access and lifestyle they gain by being compliant in their 'reporting'.

Do Tel

Wogan's World

To mutilate Voltaire, 'I may not like the way you choose to say it... but by heck you are right!'

As one committed to DOING SOMETHING POSITIVE and INCENTIVE-BASED with a little reuse website whatever is practical to reduce unnecessary waste simply because it makes financial sense, I despair of the ill-considered measures in the name of green that have been rushed out by inept aspiring 'managers of our minds'.


By way of a more tangible point-to-ponder, your motorist friend will of course get hammered for driving a few miles into town (unless he already lives within the London C- for centric - zone) and then stopping the engine for the day.

Should he invest in a hybrid, however, he can of course test his endurance driving around emitting away all day long. Of course, should he need to drive in from outside our fair capital, he will spend most of the journey lugging along a heavy battery. Such cars are also not so hot at pulling out stumps.

Gesture politics, often supported by rich, urban, blinkered, liberal activists and media luvvies are making efforts to make the planet better for our kids a lot harder, with all their green elite posturing.

Oh, the irony.

Well, it is a skill, if not a virtue.

I long for high office without low comedy

'...should we not be just a bit bothered that one of the most important things that the Prime Minister's office has to report is that the nation's leader is a good comic actor?'

But you cannot, at least, resist reporting on it, too.

Am I ...concerned with what today's media demands, and rewards?