Friday, March 20, 2009

One man's meat...

Bag a polar bear for $35,000: the new threat to the species

Hard to figure the challenge of standing off an popping a high-powered round from a distance at an unarmed creature, but heigh-ho. Last time I heard the word respect used in the context above I think it was in Grand Theft Auto/San Andreas, and the protagonist had an UZI. The other guy ended up pretty much like the polar bear, mind.

And what are they THINKING???? Don't they realise that these creatures are being wiped out by man in other ways and are to only be used for promotional purposes on melting icebergs.

Seems some folk just haven't got the whole 'Save the...' gig joined up and sorted. Darned indigenous community types.


I mean my comment, not the um, ad, or product, in question:)

Why bottled Bling H2O is an eco low

Looking at the bright side, and back at the main image (a lot), there does at least seem to be more than a small hint at the benefits of packaging reuse here, at least if my memory of an accidental click on a a spam email about a young lady called Cindy's love for her pet Rabbit was any guide.

The media, me, and the planet

I have mixed feelings about the media. Complex ones.

Made all the more so because, in some ways, and this blog have become one, of sorts, and I their reporter/editor, with all the opportunities and responsibilities that represents.

As an 'amateur', and an online blogger rather than a 'real' MSM representative, I do feel there is a difference, which can be good and bad. Mostly good, IMHO.

One thing is that I feel more credible as one of the great unwashed that is the public/consumer classes (not that anyone, from BBC editor to Guardian commentator isn't one too, or at least should have some empathy with. But often don't), and hence crank more the the odd eyebrow at some of the pronouncements for our 4th estate, especially in matters green.

I am especially sensitive to those that are sloppy on science, more for ratings and/or worst of all, straight out of 'DDAIDDAIS' camp.

There are way to many who do little more than talk, often talk tosh, and then go on to become poor examples of 'MEDIUM vs. MESSENGER', often undoing much that they pontificate on by either treating it as a one-off story or frankly seeing themselves as above the very things they finger wave at others for... often only briefly.

But there are honourable exceptions. Rare ones. And when they crop up I am going to take note, stay with them, and share. They seem to understand the concept of doing and, perhaps more importantly, sharing and leading by example.

One such is John-Paul Flintoff of the Times. His column is now linked on the blog roll at right.

I also wonder if it is no coincidence that, where I get studiously ignored or even blanked by many 'green VIPs' (I often write to suggest things to such folk), these guys also seem a heck of a lot nicer and more polite. He didn't have to, but Mr. Flintoff sought me out and wrote a very nice few words about what I'm trying to do. Which, in my lowly media position, was a heck of a thing and a real boost.