Monday, August 15, 2005

Any closer, and common sense gets it!

I loved Blazing Saddles. There were more iconic scenes of high satire delivered in a lowbrow manner than just about anything I can recall. And one of my favourites was when the black hero is surrounded and his foes are closing in. So he whips out his gun, holds it to his own head and says 'any closer, and the [originally a pejorative term reserved for one set of society about whom it was used in description by another, but now neatly co-opted for their own exclusive self-reference] gets it!'

Of course, the bad guys back off.Which is not quite the best analogy I needed for today's blog, but it's close enough. Shooting yourself is a poor method of survival in the real world. Even if it is the airline industry, so I should have mixed feelings. I wonder if BA’s stand down bought the planet a few more days?

I have never been in any job situation (straight from the ad world where employee rights, stability & security were non-existent, to self employed, where I was/am my employee and stability and security remain pretty much non-existent, but at least marginally more under my control) to really get to grips with the mentalities involved, but for the life of me I have never been able to figure out one thing in these cases.

And that is how anyone working for a company in a competitive environment figures the best way to protect their future, job security and improve their pay is best served by crippling it? It would seem the personal suicide is, to mix my metaphors, also alive and well in the UK.

I don't see me ever opting to use BA, especially in summer, and there are plenty of other airlines around to get me where I need to go. Marketing note: preference given to most fuel-efficient fleet.

Shame is, it's not really the fault of the management (for once, unless you count woeful (market) intelligence and hopeless contingency planning). And now it seems it may be a ‘plot’ by ‘elements’, that just makes the strikers all the more dumb to take the rusty nail from them and stick it in their own flesh.

Unless employees get to see the totality of their jobs in terms of responsibilities to their customers, their co-workers and ultimately themselves and their families, they pretty much deserve anything that happens to them.

Hopefully those others stranded to the four points of the globe with luckless passengers may share this notion with them upon their return.