Sunday, August 02, 2009


One of the better 'win-wins'. I am lofted up. Shame our walls are solid.


Guardian - Tread lightly: Install cavity wall insulation

Guardian - Tread lightly: Draught-proof the home

Times - Insulation will pay for itself over years

Times - No windfall tax: it’s energy-saving instead

Indy - Energy efficient households 'can save £270 a year'

Guardian - Yes, do lag your loft - Some great suggestions in the posts, including a few I floated a wee while ago.

Indy - How much energy-saving help can you expect to get?
Indy - Not flash, just Gordon. And that's the problem

Guardian - Mind the gaps – time to insulate and save on heating -

INFORMATION - NEW - Local focus but globally relevant info

Draught Proofing Advisory Association - -

I wonder how all the various grants/ratings account for those who may want to insulate, but cannot?

At least the British 'summer' has a defence

What's the environmental impact of a sky lantern? - Hefty, I'd say

"There is also the danger that if they come down alight they could start a fire..

Obvious now, but never having seen one I hadn't realised they actually had naked flames.

That would really make them little better than 'ethically-sourced', unguided airborne incendiary devices, like those Japanese balloon bombs targetting the US via the jetstream during WW2.

So I do wonder if the biodegradability aspects are the main issue, and frankly why they are allowed. Mind you, every Nov. 5 the UK does seem to put its pyromaniac's hat and mask on.

Love the 'but they are ethically-sourced' counter.