Wednesday, May 28, 2008

The water is lovely

Camping is great.

In fact, I have just added to our repertoire thanks to an Argos half-price offer.

However it is wise, as with many things, to be realistic.

As I look out my window at a bus floating past down the street, I'd be the first to admit that it can and does have limitations.

But what do we have on the BBC News this morning? A pretty idealistic view of the whole experience, and as a piece of advocacy one has to say, on a day like today, 'good luck with that'.

And we're not talking one of those PR-funded jollies that seduce the London media beyond the M25 to enjoy a week's pampering under canvas... well, in an Eco-Yurt the size of my Mum's cottage.

But in trotting out the party line I do think they do often push things beyond credibility. I'd be hard-pressed to say my kids 'had much more fun than sitting on the beach all day'. Especially when it is heaving down. And that's when the financial aspects kick in. Of course travel is less (mind you..) and at £25 the accommodation is reasonable, but we have seldom seen UK holidays come cheap. Decent meals for four, and entry to 'attractions', can really add up.

Sorry, while staying home is part of the mix, trying to sell against an all-inc. getting away from it all with something different and some sun and warm water is a bit disingenuous. Especially when you know almost none of them will be doing it themselves if they can help it.

Great to share the option, and its joys, but lay off the eco-guilt ladle guys.