Friday, May 09, 2008

From a source with 'Statistics' in it: a survey

How green are we? New figures show Britons back recycling

And I'm backing Britain. With my Volvo, my Apple Mac....

Look, all positive trends are welcome, and a big up for 'better' is OK, but what has been the cost of getting these 'figures'?

And there is still all the other stuff on the negative end of enviROI that might affect the total.

I think I will treat this with the same level of regard I do most other stats... and polls.

Gordon is a....?

I exaggerate for effect, but what at the moment is it about those with high-profile jobs who have the name Gordon?

I have just watched celebrity chef Gordon Ramsay undo, for the slim 3o pieces of silver of a a few days of PR (designed to rumble on by being 'controversial'), yet more good will that normal, sensible, patient environmental campaigners may have managed to create with the general public.

He is on screen, claiming that restaurateurs should be fined for serving anything but local, in-season fare. And, just for good measure, he 'expects' his namesake to get it into the statute books pronto.

Thing is, if it takes off as well as some as his fellow media luvvies' Planet Ban-it efforts, Dear Leader may just be coaxed out of his bunker to get behind it... at least enough for a Daily Mail spread.

What... a load... of... tosh. Green tosh at that. And shaem on any media that gives him airtime, at least without slamming him in every which way for the rank hypocrisy on top of the sheer impracticality. At least the BBC had one slot with one guest who said so.

In theory there is the germ of an idea, but compulsion. Legions of funded government food tasters to check where your faggots came from, on threat of fine or the pokey?

Puh-lese. Even for the ratings desperate crews we have out there in celeb, PR and media land this is below the the basement foundations of where the barrel has been left.

The guy has never mentioned a dicky bird about 'green' issues 'til now. And flies the planet making money on anything but. So I guess he's a shoe-in as host on the next luvvie-fest in aid of awareness.

And the almost daily discussions of what 'we' should be doing are getting as insulting as they are daft. Not all of the audience have the time, money or inclination to spend £40 a meal per head and 5 hrs a night preparing it all. Nor, I suspect, can my local pub do much more than get what they can, when they can from where they can. But when they go local, I try to support it... by voluntary choice.

This whole circus in the name of green is becoming a sorry charade, with the lunatics now ell in charge of the agenda, whilst those supposedly in charge hide away 'til it's safe or they can claim a target has been hit.

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Indy - Eat only local produce? I don't like the smell of that - There's a thing. Now it's race-related. Let's see if we can work homophobia in and it's a full set! I was moved to write (and in so doing noticed another poster, called 'junk-male', which is... not nice):

Sweet. Those mostly intolerant of other's views being intolerant of she who is intolerant of he who is intolerant (for purely PR reasons) of others' freedom of choice.

Still, it sells papers, so not a complete loss. What a great country, eh?