Tuesday, August 23, 2005

Don't do as I do

OK, I'm at it again. Double standards. I have often claimed Junkk.com
is not in the business of getting in 'who's got the biggest green
todger' (not the nicest visual image I know) slanging matches, but on a
blog-basis I can't resist a slightly twitchy eyebrow every so often by
way of 'just wondering'. I think we’re allowed, because as a business
we accept that certain things are just necessary, and try to avoid
‘don’t do’ stuff on our pages.

Today, under the banner 'Talks renew vigour to tackle warming', the/a
(I wonder how many of them there are?) BBC environment correspondent
opens his piece with the following:

"Maybe it was the night cruise with ice crunching against the prow of
the boat and icebergs the shape and size of medieval castles floating
serenely past.
Maybe it was the helicopter flight over the ice-packed fjord to witness
one of the fastest-melting glaciers in the world.
Perhaps it was the expert presentations warning that if carbon dioxide
(CO2) emissions continue to rise, the melting Greenland ice sheet will
drive up global sea levels. Whatever the reason, politicians from all
around the world visiting the Arctic on a fact-finding trip left
professing new determination that action to tackle climate change must
be taken everywhere. "

It goes on to explain that Danish environment minister Connie Hedegaard
said she wanted to create a forum where politicians could enjoy
(operative word) a genuine dialogue on climate.

And at the summit, all leading nations agreed climate change was a
serious problem that had to be tackled.


They went all the way up to the Arctic for a night cruise and
helicopter rides. And they came away agreeing that climate change was a
serious problem that had to be tackled.

Me, I just go online and find out the permafrost is melting and
Birmingham, West Midlands just got whisked by tornado, along with
Dorothy, to Alabama (which is quite near Kansas, I'm sure).

Is it just me, but are all those involved in telling us what we should
be doing perhaps missing some rather obvious tricks here? Like setting