Tuesday, April 28, 2009

IRONY ALERT - Fly on the wall

See if you can detect why my eyebrow might be a tad cranked...

Planes, weather pains and ice runways in the Arctic

I tend to avoid politics here, but really...

A greener world from the ground up

... from the mouths of knaves.

Seems what I wrote was deemed 'immoderate':

I await, with morbid anticipation, the inevitable fawning round of 'interviews' on various complicit, content -strapped or strong-armed national TV sofas to get this tripe shared live.

From the replies here so far, it might be better to go broadcast only in future, as further unanimous accolades of world-class hypocrite might make uncomfortable reviewing otherwise for even the thickest... er.. skin.

I think it might be best to belt up, retire as disgracefully as possible, as soon as possible, and curl up with a good lackey or protege, who can throw the odd shredded blog of ethical credibility on the fire to keep the public profile flickering.

Mind you, though there are, Yoda-like, 'others', so many others, who else can the Grauniad trot out to keep the hit rate up?


I don't post enough images.

And I don't post enough that are cartoons.

And especially enough from the genius that is Dilbert.

Mind you, since he got 'people', his own previously glorious open source system is worthy of lampooning.

I figure forgiveness is easier than permission.

Sometimes I wished I still lived in London

My age would surely not be a reason to reject my job app for this or this

And I think I am well qualified to give sensible advice.

Still grabbing headlines

I don't mean to tease (well...) but often Aunty doesn't seem to do irony.


It's looking like the Obama Administration is finding out that real life is not like a Disney Movie.

And that redirecting a pendulum that has probably swung too far one way is like changing the course of an oil tanker (how apt) and might take time and a bit more subtlety than trying to whack it with a mallet in the other direction, from foreign affairs to climate.

Speaking of the latter, I am glad our new International (I'm guessing Global has unfortunate connotations) Ethical Person has flown back out West again to cover what those on the ground there already could not, with all those contacts he built up before, and expertise in the field.

At least he managed to find this pre-Copenhagen, Kyoto's end conference that President O did not attend, but Mrs. Clinton did. As it wasn't linked above here I tried the BBC search (ever the optimist) first, and then even Google let me down. Couldn't catch the title: 'Major Economic Forum'?

Then over to Congress for testimony from such as a non-cutesy Mr. Gore. Speaking of the dangers in dealing in absolutes, I think I heard him say that 'man-made global warming pollution causes global warming'. Non negotiable. Now, I had thought the debate had moved to climate change, and for some even newer incarnations, but it seems a tough sell to not even concede that man's contribution may well be significant and worth addressing, but possibly not total in the natural scheme of things.

Anyway, in the spirit of sensible enviROI efforts back home, I have just had a DEFRA PR headed '£11m to protect our seas from climate change '. Actually the headline does not accurately the content of the release (what does these days?), but the words 'drop in the ocean' still spring to mind.

Pack Design... scaping the bottom, and sides of the jar

I love design. Well, good stuff, be that a subjective arena.

Of course, there is also the various diverse areas it can be applied to, from looks to function.

And sometimes the desire to sell can be at odds with the need to be more environmental.

Take this jar.

It's quite pretty. Not sure I can immediately think of a reuse yet, but who knows.

Thing is, I also rather bewail the fact that its curvy design, whilst eye-catching, has also prevented us from scooping out as much food as possible, which leads to waste.

Yes, there is shaking with a few cc's of boiling water (be careful of popping the cap on if/when you do), but ease of maximising product access should be a consideration.