Wednesday, July 27, 2005

Complements all round

Wow. After all the grief that's been flying about recently, and my drifts into grumpy old bloggerdom, it's nice to wallow in some good, old-fashioned, positive news again.

A while ago, as a consequence of a thing we do with a guy who knew a guy who did a thing... who liked what was up to and wrote about it... we were contacted by some very nice folks at (link above). And, I am happy to say, after a woeful delay that was purely down to us, we have at last established diplomatic relations. We're mentioned on their site, and they're mentioned on ours, they do what they do very well, and we.. well, you get the picture. It's not the first, and we do hope will not be the last of many complementary relationships that will result in mutual benefit, tangible rewards... and end up helping save the planet. This, you will by now know, is how likes things to happen.

Our involvement with will primarily take the form of being just one (well, two, as Chief of Stuff Emma is much more skilled and diligent at monitoring such things than me, which is why she got tasked with being our very own Forum Queen) of many folks who engage with their various Forums on things environmental. And just to spice things up we have been invited to take part in an online interview with them next week. I must say I await this with a mixture of anticipation and trepidation. Of course, any expansion of our profile can only be good, and we truly look forward to getting some interesting questions and, hopefully, answering them in a way that shows people we're worth our salt.

But I have to say that the Luddite in me is also nervous. The whole blog thing has gone ok, so far, and it would appear most who feel moved to write in response are positive, which is nice. But Forums are a tad more Wild West to my limited experience. Emails cannot convey tones of voice or body language, and I have sometimes dipped into a Forum during a flame barrage, and exited none the wiser with my tail on fire as two guys slug it out.

But I am encouraged. This Forum seems well run and populated by interested, interesting, caring folks. I think we will have a good time engaging with them, and some nice things will result for all concerned. How neat would that be! Join us if you can a week today.