Tuesday, September 05, 2006

The thief of time

In addition to procrastination, and I don't know if it was just time that was stolen, but blogging (reading others and posting) certainly was taking a major chunk out of my day (and night). So having experimented with routing the majority of the daily feeds to the trash, and hence restricting the urge to comment on tons of stuff (mostly climate spats), I have tried to focus more on making Junkk.com work harder in areas it is stronger.

To this end I recently typed our name in Google and was frankly amazed at the extent and breadth of places we have been mentioned and, I'm happy to say, positively, if not in glowing terms. Time to upgrade our media section under 'About' on the site!

Not to mention our PR folder.

Because, by way of more good news the next few weeks will see me heading off, having got through some heats (how woo-hoo that achievement is remains to be seen, but it's better than a 'Dear Peter...' letter at the first hurdle) to be briefed on the next round of a) the Guardian Social Entrepreneur of the Year Awards, and b) SKY TV's 'The Big Idea'. Neither are insignificant opportunities (financially we're talking £20k and £100k prizes respectively, but also both will extend our reach to a much wider audience). In both cases some considerble 'heft' was also accorded to getting media coverage and, of course, any contribution to the environment. I think we can tick those boxes.

Now all I have to do is stop staring at this screen and figure out just what I take to show and what I tell in the brief few moments I'll get to pitch Junkk.com Wish me luck!