Sunday, December 11, 2005

Them and us

At we are still groping towards the best way to deliver a free service that all can enjoy contributing to as easily and enjoyably as anyone can in deriving worthy information or entertainment value.

I don't know if we were ahead of our time, had less faith in human nature or were just a little more eager to ensure our corporate sponsors felt secure, but from day one we have asked for a registration.

And it has caused us some negative feedback.

Well, we're not alone.. sadly:

In case the link above drops soon, it's about  popular reference site Wikipedia, which lets anyone create and edit entries. They have tightened the editorial rules in an effort to stamp out vandalism and the posting of deliberate misinformation. The site will now require visitors to register before creating new entries.

We feel for them in this as a lot of our site depends on allowing access to contributors to add to our base and keep it updated.

Two obstacles do not make a righteous consumer-friendly website policy, but there's really nothing we can do. 

And it's nice to know we're at lest in good company. And with, at least when you register we can tell you stuff about your area. With luck, we'll also be able to stay on top of those little tinkers who seem to want to spoil things for the majority.