Tuesday, October 06, 2009

Bang goes my audience?

Apparently the passwords of hotmail account holders have been compromised.

Now, which single grouping is the greatest sign-ups to Junkk.com?

And of which grouping who is least likely to inform us of a change of email addy?

Which I rather suspect they will do, along with a possibly compromised password.

And that... means we will be unable to get any future comms, such as newsletters, to them.


BBC - Top G-man in Phishing scam

IRONY ALERT - Aunty says switch off. Not her, of course

Watching (on a PIP on my PC) Breakfast BBC News.

Just loved the way they intro'd a piece on an energy saving story about the Isles of Scilly.

'What one thing could you switch off now?'...pause... 'Er... not the TV of course'.

First image I see? A person switching off her TV.

Always a bit dubious about 'days', and this one seems no different. However, it did gain the community some PR to share notions like not running a power shower for 5 minutes before getting in it.


Actually, all this energy awareness seems to be spinning on its own axis to me. Not that any that is shared is in any way not worth knowing, but there is a ton of money saying very few, blooming obvious things and... over and over. Good enviROI?

Just look at the latest EST ad that this would appear to be coinciding with.

If not having a bath and switching down your fridge is the best they can do after all this time, I think the money could really have been spent better elsewhere, on issues where folk may well be persuaded by pragmatic advice.

Addendum - the event site, sadly not shared by the national broadcaster. Interesting stuff, if a bit 'busy'