Sunday, May 21, 2006

Listen to me. Just me. My job depends on it.

As it is a mercifully foul day (doubtless not enough to make a dent
in the reservoir levels, but certainly a boost for the garden and
enough to make me not pine for the outdoors as I potter within), I
was engaged in the rather depressing task of deconstructing the stand
we had prepared for the MAD* show.

And for something to do I had left the TV on and caught a polito-
theological programme called the 'Heaven and Earth' show. Quite

One thing that caught my attention, for obvious reasons, was a debate
sparked by a bishop somewhere saying nuclear was wrong, and mixing in
a bit of Christian faith why. The main rallying call, which I
actually liked, was that we are only borrowing the future from our
children', but there was some other stuff about 'us' being custodians
of the planet too.

And mixing it up was a guy from a Christian Ecology group (maybe the
same one that never replied to my invitation to add the eco-church
stuff to and some MP who has faith-driven affiliations
plus was pro-nuke. It was moderated by a cosy Gloria Hunniford, media-
celebrity extraordinaire (hold that thought).

The debate was pretty standard. Anti-guy made some fair points about
how we don't know what to do with the nasty lefts overs we already
have, so making more seems a poor option. The pro-guy made some
(possibly) fair points about it being the best option to avoid
further short term global warming.... if we insist of sucking juice
at the rate we are.

Cue sanctimonious 'it's more what we as individuals can do' all
round. And especially from main media person.

Well, one thing I could have done is switch off the TV. In fact I
could stop watching altogether. TV does a fair amount of sucking, by
which I mean of energy. But then what would happen to her/their
ratings, and hence her/their salaries?

So yet again, we seem to be in the zone of being exhorted to do
something by a collection of people, so long as it does not impinge
upon them.