Thursday, December 07, 2006

If you don't have enough lemons... borrow them.

This may be cheeky, but if it works it shows that a little ignorance can be a useful thing.

Our hugely complex, vastly expense website currently only allows one picture per article, at least when I upload. And I don't dare ask the IT guys to get out of bed to even quote for making it possible for me to do more.

Thing is, I'd like to add a few more to illustrate stories.

So I have a plan. I'm going to try breaking out the pictures from the blog references, hopefully in sequence. That way blog readers can view above or below (and mayeb the nasty word breask will no longer happen, which is a plus), and I can pop in a URL to site articles to more info visuals. Not elegant, or optimal, but in the spirit of bodge, let's see what happens...

I'm Dreaming of a Green Christmas - Photo Archive

L2R: The stand. JunkkMale in demo mode. A lot of questions. The panel.

Little Victories

[Lesson 1 - last post of the day at the top, but not necessarily with pictures in the right order]

Just one day away again, and I am struggling to keep up with the backlog.

But this one was worth it. Because, dear reader, last night's jaunt to London was a) fun and b) ended with a bit of a result.

We were there for 'Dreaming of a Green Christmas' at the Science Museum's Dana Centre.

A hundred were invited, and I'd say sixty or so turned up, and it was a pretty packed affair at that.

I'll let the link take you to who was there, but it was an eclectic mix and I learned a fair bit.

Met some nice folk, from co-panellists/exhibitors, to audience members. My personal favourite comment was from one who, on being asked why she voted for, said 'Well, reuse is the best eco-option there is' (taking reduction as a given). Nice to see, live, that people 'get' what we're trying to do. The stand was popular, and I have a few new items I made for the event that went down well and must post.

I also got speak, and pitch for on a few award category criteria, including 'best for' recycling, reuse, energy effciency and sustainability.

Well, with much chuffingness, I can advise we managed to score top slot in 3 of the 4.

And with a couple we did it by quite a margin. See that big bar in the picture.... us!

A bit of a boost, and another notch on the way.