Thursday, October 22, 2009

QUOTE OF THE DAY - The best there is. Currently run by the worst.

From here,

'The virtue of democracy is that the temporary dictators so anointed can be removed without bloodshed.'

Oddly, I am fighting a rather one-sided (and not in an encouraging, 'here's comes the cavalry way') fight on another BBC blog with some forces that reckon a little bit of dictatorship might just be what's needed. to get things going their way.

It's the darndest thing, but my belief in freedom of speech and democratic process is currently outweighing my passion to set this planet to rights.

Actually it will be fine no matter what 'we' do, so I guess I am less keen on it being dominated by a bunch of GrEloi who, on current evidence, would make for pretty poor governors of most else that I also hold dear

Don't get mad; get engaging

Found out about this:


Now in the process if seeing if I... we... 'qualify'.

Might be a journey to be followed.


Another I can't believe I hadn't instigated before now..

As I come across/deal with them/get told/find time to collate all from my files, so shall they be added..


British Aerosols Manufacturers Association -
British Glass -


incpen - leading to useful lists of others
The Packaging Society


Aluminium Federation -

REUSE - Yay!

RPA - US-based - found via Sustainability: Pushing the demand curve forward for reusable packaging
- Oodles of use... er.. reuseful stuff on their site. Putting on nav bar next.


Absorbent Hygiene Products Manufacturers Association - -



Baby steps

Little increments.

Individually maybe not so significant, but cumulatively...

Got a call the other day from a lovely chap, who edits the newsletter for the IPO (Intellectual Property Office).

He was interested as much in my journey with RE:tie as much as the product itself.

Enough to stretch to two long chats.

With luck, it will result in some PR, and to some useful folk. Baby steps.

And in the course of this he mentioned some invention (especially 'green' related) resources I was not aware of, which I happily pass on here:

Low Carbon Innovation Centre. Good guys.

Plus some info on speed patents (which now apply to clean tech in particular):

And a recycling case study:

Public (that's me) Transport (that's often debatable)?

Directed by an RT tweet (ta) from myzerowaste to this:

Sustained - Stranded

I must say the story, and picture, resonated, as I hark back to last week's London experience at the Invention Show in Ally Pally.

From the outset I must stress that this was an unusual situation, and in no way matches the issues surrounding daily commutes (though hearing my urban chum's tales there is much needs addressing here too), but it is telling, at least in the context of this story.

On the Wednesday I drove in from the West and set-up my stand. My intention was to drive to my chums' home in Staines that night and return only by car on break-down day on Saturday.

However my ill-fated media opp intruded and I stayed overnight. So I did not go back for the first time until Thursday. 6.30pm. North Circular & A4. 1 hr. Door to door. About 25 miles. 1 gallon of LPG. £2.50.

Next day, train and tube in. 2 3/4 hours. Wet. Late. £19 return ticket. Missed the last train from Waterloo at 11.35pm (City that never sleeps?) because the tube didn't come for an age. No extra cost as I was the beneficiary of some truly human kindness having ended up at Heathrow T5 in the wee smalls and given a lift as there were no taxis. Dragged hosts out of bed, them having stayed up to midnight, my eta.

I will avoid London at all costs if I have the choice. If I don't, I will be in my car. £17 LPG tankful return door to door. £5/hr parking outside CC (folding bike from boot within). No peak hour surcharges that can take a Gloucester (and forget bussing from Ross to there, so I am in a car anyway and parking is £5 already) ticket from £30 to over £100 and leave me stranded at Swindon 1 in 5 trips if I wait until after the peak period to save money.

That's not eco. But it's simply how it is.

And not what 1st class, pre-booked, 'other folks' money', 'but our time is precious' pols and some major media sweetness and lite green journos picked up either end in chauffeured Priuses seem to have got their heads around.

Ideas, with luck, assessed well and acted upon

Overwhelming Response: GreenGov Ideas Pour Into White House

Here's that number again..

Greengov Challenge

On top of the release of the US zipcode data, this is significant.

Darn it, I wish I could edit and/or extend my now full label list


Kicking off with carriers. They're big in the news. I guess it's worth running a factual tally as a category.

Carrier Bags

Junkk Blog - inspired by an Indy piece

Guardian - some facts, if from a certain direction


Junkk Blog - about the hazards of disolved plastics in the ecosystem - inspired by the BBC

Plastics News - Time discovers the 'truth' about plastics
Time - The piece in question

BBC - A month without plastic - Lone woman sets off on personal campaign for a wee while. Gets lots of coverage from national broadcaster.

ps: I have kept all my waste for sveral years, luv... and advocate making stuff out of it. I wonder if she lives near White City by chance, or works in PR?

BBC - Her blog - Actually quite interesting, while it lasts, which can be a slight probelm with these (tried it for a while and then gave up when the funding stopped) efforts. Not all of us have a blog/commission that supports the effort. Or see it as a finite project measured in units of days.

Plastics News - Living without (some) plastics - Picked up and got 'em thing across the pond, mind. Time to get busy with my store of junk!

Earthfirst - The Impossible Task of Cutting Plastic Out of Your Life - Nothing is impossible. Just sometimes circumstances mean a few sensibel compromises need to be made.

Wasteonline -

Reuters - Scientists study huge plastic patch in Pacific - Not sure if such an area counts as a 'patch' mind. I still think if they are looking at mining landfills, this source is a no-brainer.

Reminds me of a Futurama episode

Information - NEW - How long does plastic take to break down?

For no better reason than that headline

Sperm Whales Act as Carbon Sink

Moby, the big green whale!