Sunday, July 12, 2009

PR COVERAGE - every little bit helps sign ups

An old friend gained some nice coverage recently.

And, in so doing, kindly mentioned

What is amazing is the sheer number of sign-ups we got as a consequence, with a few kindly taking the trouble to write in with some nice words.

Interesting to note that our benefactress' company, Greenhaus, has also the same name as my missus' band. Small world.

You gotta larf

Green becomes the new black for luxury firms

Green luxury... an oxymoron of our time.

An Englishman's Home... Can Be Greener?

Cheap ‘green mortgages’ to foster energy-saving homes

This sounds good.

However, grants, subsidies and other means of helping folk go greener do have an odd way of vanishing as fast as the PR of their announcement has faded.

We'll see.

And a side order of polystyrene..

I remain concerned what plastics biodegrade to, but...

Irish scientist invents a way to recycle plastic

Hence I am unclear as to how this counts as recycling.

You may as well just burn it.

However, as I understand the piece there is one reuse, which I guess is a plus.

But I am also old enough to remember an episode of 'Doomwatch' where all the world's plastic dissolved.