Monday, July 28, 2008

Windows powered by Windows?

Excuse me while I just plug my PC into the window ....... so I can, errrrm ........, charge it up.

Sounds completely crazy? Well it isn't going to be, as this from GizMag reports. Nihon Telecommunications have developed a method of embedding lower efficiency photovoltaic cells into window panes, which on a good sunny day can "generate up to 70 watts of electricity per square meter of glass."

Shame that it will only work via a USB power port.


Comes to something when Treehugger has a go at those having a dabble:

7 Celebrity Environmentalists in Need of Green 101

I must revisit my definition of 'Environmentalist', mind:

Environmentalist (n): Any schmuck who thinks they might have sorted out the planet and/or their part in trashing it by getting their people to call other people's people about something they have been told/advised to do in one aspect of their lives that might, just, mitigate a tad.

Celebrity-environmentalist (n): As above, with the added extra of setting back the cause of actual grass-roots environmentalism in the eyes of the general public by dabbling for a day as an environmentalist (under new definition) and then going back asap to blowing obscene amounts of cash on stuff and going places, as really, what else can they do to pass the time?

See: Helicopter Enviromentalist (n):

Break out the bubb... er.. choc... er... !

Retailers and brands hit target to end packaging growth in the UK

Wonder what all will do with their bonuses if there is precious little they should be buying or travelling with it all on... if they are serious.

Pass the ladle, Al

Here I sit, blogging away with BBC Morning news on (first posted 20/07).

And I have just seen an 'ad' for some new, forthcoming drama called 'Burn Up'.

Now, I am all for art reflecting life, but if the trailer is anything like the show, I really hope this doesn't end up as a massive turn off, other than perhaps making viewers switch off (as over) their TVs in disgust.

I simply could not believe the size of trowel that I was being hit over the head with, and the sheer clunkiness of the message.

There was even a (I presume evil) American businessman (why is it the UK broadcast industry only seems to have about 4 actors on their books?) crying out 'God bless Global Warming' (I presume not in a 'good' way).

On the evidence I have seen so far, this is a gift to any wishing to highlight the level of propaganda being unleashed by those we should be trusting for balance and objectivity on what is a very complex issue.

I fear it may not achieve the aim intended if this is the best that can be done. Guess I will have to watch the silly thing now.

Addendum - Guardian Review

I was moved to comment to another review that cited this:

This is what the writer had to say

Maybe he's not the only one:

And my kids have had this one for ages:

I wonder which will have the greater impact eventually?

I guess I'll have to watch the thing soon (saw the trailer and it look as if the agenda had been written in using a trowel rather than a pen, and couldn't face dealing with all the 'you eco lot...' comments I'd get if I mentioned it), but will be wondering if there might be mention of any shareholder, government and/or media (inc. state) contributions to the dilemmas faced between economy and environment. Or are those to complex for the normal viewer to be exposed to?

Indy - Will BBC2's new thriller charm us into taking notice of climate change? - I must say I found this line... unfortunate, if telling (Ethical man, et al... post 'doing the green thing'): "I've done saving the world – now I'm ready to flirt with girls in mini-skirts!"

Guardian - Back to basics on climate change

Times - The finger-wagging of Burn Up - A mate has it on tape...can't wait. Even so, has the message in the watching been worth all those in the follow-up? Hmn. Again I have cause to be concerned on the qualifications of our current crop of self-appointed, and anointed 'guides to green' if the quality of their messages yet again backfire so badly.

digitalspy - Ratings 'Burn Up' for BBC Two - The people cannot be trusted to understand the issues. First in elections, and then in what they pay to have served them by way of entertainment/shaping views. Ergo... we obviously need new people. That's how it works in gv'mint and media these days, isn't it?

Gaurdian - NEW - Making a climate crisis into a drama

Still have to watch it, mind. Oh, the antcipation.

The bigger picture

Another, new(ish) poster has suggested this link (just email with anything and I'll get it eventually).

Views of Jupiter

Having had a gander such things are most certainly worth sharing, not just for the visual joy they bring, but to also help us position ourselves more humbly in the great scheme of things.

I noticed some bloggers replying that they wished they could live there. Can you imagine? How long before our race had to move on again, having...


As we are of a naturally poetic bent today, and I am feeling naughty but NASA:

Trendwatcher: northern-lights-explained-nasa

Newsnight - worth it for all sorts of related reasons... unanswered questions on helping posters add functions, despite promises, and unanswered questions on pay deals because, well, what goes up stays up. Some live on different planets, I guess.

Well, it does sort of make sense ......

.... doesn't it?

This from Science Daily comments on a report by the British Medical Journal that suggests that population control is one of the better methods of combating climate change.

"The biggest contribution UK couples can make to combating climate change would be to have only two children or at least have one less than they first intended"

"each new UK birth will be responsible for 160 times more greenhouse gas emissions … than a new birth in Ethiopia."

Sooooo, the policy that dare not speak it's name gets substantive support from the medicos. I guess that we are going to see a major furore develop here before long.

Addendum - THE Register - Doctors: Third babies are the same as patio heaters - Oh, this will help. Why do I suspect a canal barge of green nappies is headed for a converted windmill as we gaze on.

Addendum 2: - (14:10) Now the Telegraph has also picked up on the story - and put it in the 'Your View' section. Should be quite an interesting set of comments developing once it gets spotted.

Alas, the middle ground is seldom fertile for ratings

Green is the new black, but fashions change

I see there's a book being promoted at the end.

As I tend to when I read articles by many of those whose thoughts (and, rarely, advice) on the matter can often inspire the mixed emotions described by the author. Which always cranks an eyebrow, I do confess, as to what the actual point of these efforts are. From Monbiot to Clarkson it strikes me that there is an industry at work, and it is based on extremes who need each other to survive... and profit from numpties like me who still click on headlines that mention 'green' in hope of balance and information of value. It is possible that there are some who try and do their best by the environment because there is much that can't hurt, can be fun... and save money. Who could give a (non-offset) flying fig for fashion. And I suspect don't read papers, or columns, like this.