Wednesday, October 11, 2006

SOSO - Same Old, Same Old

A wee while ago I engaged in an exchange with a Telegraph Motoring columnist, Sir. John Whitmore, following a column of his about motoring correspondents, cars & driving in general and climate change (not necessarily in that order).

It was an odd one, because I am pretty much on his side in terms of what is happening and what should no longer happen, but a little less on message with the how. Specifically I was not a great supporter of his pointing fingers. Anyway, it was a civilized discussion, which I duly shared - pro and con - on this blog (try finding it, though.... waaaaaay back), but sadly we seemed to get no further than to agree to disagree.

Hence it was with interest, after a fair elapse of time (though I obviously missed the column that this one follows, and refers to), that I find he is back on this subject: All steamed up about climate change.

As an erudite and informed writer, I was interested to see how things had moved on since the last time.

Sad to say, I'm afraid I'd have to say not a lot.

There was the inevitable 'It's going pear-shaped, we're doomed' side in the green corner, and the 'yahboos, we're not/sowhats?' with their heads stuck in the bucket of the opposite one. It all got a bit cerebral at times, it seems hinging on the placement or omission of a few words.

So what did I, Mr. Average, non car-racing, jet-set-travelling, carbon offsetting, etc, get out of it all. Well, sod... all, really, bar this: "I would favour a big hike in fuel tax so that costs are directly related to consumption and distance travelled, provided there is a means of helping the less well-off." I await that means being identified.

He did also mention my point about population, but like the love that dare not speak its name, so we won't go there either.

On balance, he was right on almost every count, and I envy the fee such pieces earn (composed no doubt at home and served up electronically, though how the networking to get the gig takes place I do wonder), but really, did this move anything on? You could argue the same about this piece, but I'd like to think that if I did (and I must say I'd fancy it) write a piece of this nature, I'd pop in a few more positive solutions. Try here to be going on with.


In all the excitement I do believe I haven't blogged on one of the biggest events in our calendar this year, which is taking place next week: the British Invention Show!

After the duds in recent past, this one has a great vibe, with some truly fun and eclectic stuff being exhibited. I'm hoping what can offer will strike a chord with fellow inventors, visitors and the media. We'll have the usual collection on show, plus some new bits and bobs. I'm also hoping to catch the eye of some possible partners with some commercial ideas I've had in the re:use area.

Do come and visit.