Tuesday, October 30, 2007

SITE - greenprocurementcode.co.uk

I'm sure there's a default to change, but it's a pity this posts at the point it was drafted and not published.

I have not reviewed this site yet but feel the urge to share as this is a definite 'why not?'. It didn't start well as I tried to sign up (may be a Mac/Safari thing) and it wouldn't work. I've told them and no word yet.

Here's the PR blurb that went with:

Mayor of London launches extended service to help London businesses buy greener

The Mayor of London has nnounced that his Green Procurement Code is being updated and extended. It will now offer businesses specialist procurement advice to buy low carbon products in addition to the traditional focus on buying recycled products.

Previously, the Mayor of London's Green Procurement Code, focused on stimulating demand and creating markets for recycled products. Since its launch in 2001, members of the programme have spent £548.7 million on recycled products and diverted 1.8 million tonnes of waste from landfill. Using recycled materials in new products prevents the disposal of that material to landfill, which reduces emission of carbon dioxide. Over the last two years, 391,000 tonnes of CO2 emissions have been saved through the purchase of recycled products.

To build on this success, the free support service, funded by the London Development Agency will now provide businesses with procurement advice on an extended range of green products including low carbon, water saving and sustainable technologies.

Part of the new service will be interactive to reach the greatest possible number of businesses, including London's small and medium enterprises (SMEs). There is now a dedicated green procurement website www.greenprocurementcode.co.uk and organisations delivering the biggest environmental impact through their purchases can also receive five to seven days of dedicated one-to-one support.

Mayor of London, Ken Livingstone, said: "I have updated my [oo, get you - for once I'd feel the 3rd person my have scanned better] Green Procurement Code so that more businesses can get specialist support to buy green products. In order to tackle climate change we have to take decisive action right now to cut our emissions of greenhouse gases. My new Green Procurement Code will help businesses to become energy efficient and use their resources more efficiently ultimately helping them to cut their carbon emissions."

The Mayor of London's new Green Procurement Code is the only service of its kind in Europe. The launch of the new service enables London to retain its leadership in the UK on green procurement.

London Remade will continue to deliver the service with new partners, Action Sustainability and Mouchel Parkman.

Do you buy it?

I got quite excited when I read this BBC and Guardian launch new eco sites

More nifty ways to find out things to do to help the planet, I thought.

What I was not quite prepared for was the flogging stuff part when I got there.

My fault, I guess, I just have a different idea in mind when I think 'eco-site'. And it's not 'shop'. Or 'car salesroom'.

Now, the Guardian can do what it likes. But I'd love to have explained to me how 'leading media group' Aunty gets to flog a Ford Focus and still stay credible on reporting climate change... under the same brand name at least.

I am sure all will indeed be extremely successful in the run-up to Christmas, but just not quite so sure as to how it all helps the planet vs. not buying stuff. Instead of the LCD, OK, but what's the betting most in the demographic fancy both, plus a quick trip to Verbier to avoid the crowds. While the snow lasts. There's always the Rockies next year.

Star bucks

It's down to time. And money. And money is time.

I just watched a thing on the news about train travel. All I can say is great. If it takes roughly the same time and costs roughly the same amount... why wouldn't you?

Take my trip to Brussels next month.

I'm staying over at a London chum's again after a weekend event, and taking the Eurostar. Brillo. And £60 door to door. No plane to match it.

And even the timing is great, even factoring in the getting to's and fro's. Coming back not so great, but at £12.50 for London to Gloucester (please let it run!!) I can live with the 2hr bus trip back home.

No brainer for next to no money. And the time is on par. When it works, it works (now, please work.... pretty please:)

The elephant in the room. I guess we eat that first.

Humankind at risk as resources dry up

True and true.

However, it always surprises me how often and to what degree population increase is not even acknowledged, much less any intelligent discussions taking place about its potentially deleterious effects. Especially in conjunction with the human demands on resources during periods of economic growth that are matching that of our race's numbers.

I just wonder what will be the point when those theoretically in charge look at the finite land area (and sea volume) there is to support an ever-increasing human footprint.

Is there anything dumber than really simple?

'Cos I have... er... this freind.

And he...ok... I am trying to get a handle on, amongst many other IT things, RSS.

Because I know I am missing more tricks than a lady of easy virtue leaning against the Vatican walls.

I'm hoping this (which seems very helpful, which is why I URL it your way) may help... if I can understand it any batter than what I know already.

I already have an APB out for a teenager to help with MySpace, etc. I think I need another. If I can say that in public still. I'm not sure I can wait for my two to get that old.


The Ultimate RSS Toolbox

RSS Field Descriptions

The RSS Blog

Digital Point XML/RSS Discussion Forum

RSS Specifications Submit RSS Feeds

The MillionRSS Project

RSS Compendium RSS Resources

RSS Advertising - Pheedo


Ready, steady...er...

Rubbish charging given go-ahead - Confused? You will be:)

You put your green glass in. They take the PEP 1 out. You put your compost in. They take the Tetrapak out. And you shake it all about (actually, there's a fine for that). You do the ok-dokey and you tick a box... that's what it's all about!

It would be funny, were it not true

Dilbert has touched on things enviro before.

Now he skewers them.

Forget me not

It's not enviro, but I'm posting anyway as it goes to the core of how we are mis-governed - NHS pariahs

Oh, yes, I am angry.

My Mum has mild but deteriorating Alzheimer's. She is also quite comfortable financially. When she was no longer able to manage in her own home we moved her to a cottage next to ours where i could keep an eye on her hourly. It has worked well so far. Yes, there was some official interest (more visits and clipboards than I could count in a short period), but once it was appreciated that she had family looking after her this evaporated. Priorities. Fair enough. And we are grateful for the non means-tested attendance allowance that helps us to look after her more intimate needs via private carer visits.

However soon it may be that her medical needs will require her to go into a home, and while this will be a sad day for all there is really no option. Fortunately she is well prepared for this, and we will ensure that she has the best her money can buy.

So why I am I angry? Because, with the exception of the attendance allowance, thanks to her and my deceased father's prudence and thrift she has been near zero a burden on the state or its coffers. Helped in a small way by her family rallying round.

But when the time comes and she passes on, should she yet be able to leave some funds to ease the personal, familial and national burden of geriatric care for future generations, it first has to run the gamut of IHT so the government can suck out as much as it can to fund useless box-tickers and gold-plated civil service pensions.

And yet in defence of this all I see is smug Brown babes and comfy Islington media luvvies trying to claim it is just to redistribute wealth to prevent rich landed gentry spoiling their heirs.

Where is the incentive to save for your old age and the benefit of others who may play a great part in making its consequences less onerous... for all concerned???!

But carry a big pointy stick

Tread Lightly is a new(ish Guardian blog site. Some nice ideas and useful debate.

Trouble is, I'm having a problem working it as will be gathered by my posting on the section. However, I have my reasons.

EnvironmentEditor Comment No. 76060October 29 16:17 Blimey, what fantastic tips...

Yes, tips are good. Long may they be shared.

And this looks like a good place to share them. However I must confess to having a few navigational problems.

This thread, obviously, is about light bulbs. And I have more I'd like to share on other things in other enviro-areas. But this is not so easy.

Take my main area of reuse. There is a link to a more promising zone of the Tread Lightly Section, Waste, but when I tried to read more and contribute to Reuse or throw away? the link didn't work and comments were closed (so please go to http://www.junkk.com/ideas.asp?slevel=0z622&parent_id=622 to get some hopefully useful options by way of a contribution to that section).

Is it possible to keep such things archived and open a bit longer?

Reality Bites Again... Literally

Malaria moves in behind the loggers

As most will know, I have a bee in my bonnet about deforestation. Mainly revolving around the logic of cutting down mature trees that are doing what carbon offset saplings may manage in 40 years.

However this adds more to my advocacy.

I have often seen certain insect borne diseases springing up in various locations being put down to global warming. Logically of course, if it does get warmer then the environment will be more appealing. So yes, it is an inevitable consequence.

But I think much more real, and immediate, is all the negative effects of man simply doing what comes unnaturally. Flying from a hotbed of nasties in a sealed tube and in two hours being in a climate-controlled building halfway around the world. With unwelcome co-passengers in the blood stream alkready, or about to get some.

Or, as in the case above, simply trashing the joint.