Thursday, January 21, 2010

AWARD - Sustain Magazine Awards

Some things are worth getting out of bed for.

Last Thursday, I succumbed to man flu.

By Friday I was a death's door. The merest few moments in front of the PC was enough to have me dashing for the Lemsip and the Sky History channel.

Which was why a cheery call that day to invite me to submit for the Sustain Magazine Awards was just what the doctor hadn't ordered.

But hey, they had heard nice things and had been steered my way, and were happy to give me a last ditch, 11th hr chance if I was up for it.

What's not to love? I honestly have little recollection what I entered for, much less what I wrote ( a lot... the forms were extensive!) in my addled state, but I have just been told and RE:tie are now shortlisted, under the 'Waste' category' at least.

Which is nice. Sustain is a major player in the green world, so this is already a decent endorsement and the gateway to some major networking. And the folk there seem tops. Especially Adam, who has been coordinating the event.

And at least all this gives me an excuse to break out the tux, which is always well complemented by the Vac:Sac as one rubs the shoulder carrying it with those of the worthy and worth meeting who grace such events.

Who knows, we may even score a gong. Better yet, hook up with some complementary folk.

Maybe see you there?

I will also be attending Ecobuild, which is the same day and next door.

Nice reuse of a journey, at least:)