Monday, July 07, 2008

PR OPPORTUNITY - Ch 4 Show 'Dream Farms'

I've had a call from my chum Tracey at Downshifting Week passing on a potential PR opportunity for any green-minded folk who might fit this bill.

It's from Rachel of production company 'betty':

I am currently researching a 6 part series for Channel 4 called: Dream Farms (working title). The aim of the series is to follow a number of people as they pursue their dreams of leaving city life and stresses behind, in favour of setting up a small holding, or farm. The series would aim to film over the course of a year– so key moments in the farming calendar would be captured. Its early days, but we are very keen to speak to anyone who may be about to embark on such a venture. All types of agriculturally related projects are of interest, from the traditional, to perhaps the more obscure (or becoming less so) Alpaca farming.

Throughout the series we will be looking to enlist an expert, or range of experts, who will be able to offer practical support and guidance to individuals, as they attempt to get their projects off the ground.

As you can tell, it’s quite broad brushed at the moment and I am very open to new ideas and thoughts. Any conversations would initially be for research purposes.

If you think you may meet the brief and are interested, email her direct at

AWARD/COMPETITION - The PICNIC Green Challenge 2008

WHEN: Deadline July 31
WHAT: The PICNIC Green Challenge 2008
WHAT... MORE?: From the site. SAVE THE PLANET AND WIN €500,000!
The PICNIC Green Challenge is for people who can instigate change- creative and innovative thought leaders and their organisations. Take the challenge!
We're looking for products and services that contribute to an eco-friendly lifestyle, directly reduce greenhouse gas emissions and score highly on convenience, quality and design.
HOW MUCH: Looks free.
COMMENTS: I think we tried last year. Can't hurt. Make sure you have any IP sorted!

Look Out Soup Dragon! Duck Tobermoray!


Looks a hoot. Might even spark a few more Clangers and Wombles.

Indy - Wall-E: One giant beep for mankind