Sunday, February 18, 2007

Have I got news for you..

Better to give than to be taxed

"The Government can help by altering the tax regime... to encourage those with millions to spare to give...'

'The government gets 40% to squander anyway'

'This country is a truly unfit one in which to raise a child.'

' given to Mr. Brown is simply be wasted on ideological projects.'

For what it's worth, a short while ago (about 10 minutes before the road petition issue exploded), I uploaded one advocating the creation of a Carbon Legacy as an alternative to donating the excess over the IHT limit to government-selected 'causes unknown'.

It seems an equitable way of answering all the negative issues (and points raised here) that are causing the current, divisive gridlock, from Mr. Hain's rather unilateral high-earning career targets to the 'scrap it all' approach of the Express campaign, neither of which seem likely to happen in anyone's lifetime, much less my kids.

Speaking of whom, the Carbon Legacy would be a way of knowing my inheritance would be going to ensure they and theirs have a better chance at a future as a direct consequence of my bequest, and not to support some politicians' index-linked, gold-plated pension funds.

Oddly, it has yet to be approved.

Maybe they have other things on their minds. Or don't like the logic of what I propose.

SunTel (I was moved to write 'Better to save the planet with it, than see it wasted') - Blair's wealth gap: voters want City bonus curb

The politics of what happens next

Good question.

It seems that I am to be written to by the PM to explain why I was/am misguided.
I will therefore take the opportunity to ask him a few things, such as:
1) Was it the intention of the petition site to acquire data on people to let them know you know where they live, and/or then be used for seemingly exclusive, one-sided propaganda?
2) Where exactly will the money be going? Will it be going to enviro-improvements or will some need to go to funding more index-linked public servants, and beholden voter groups, plus existing and future pension problems in the name of green?
I write this as I watch him with Andrew Marr on the BBC, and on his performance there I would say he is going to have a tough sell, and will need to do a lot better with answers to the above.

The very idea

Chill out

Gosh, the very idea of anything like this happening here in the UK.

Imagine if the Prime Minister used names acquired by signing a petition to a) say we know where you live and b) claim an exclusive right to show you the error of your ways.

The very idea....

'Tricky thing, democracy.

I recall my university days, when the vast majority of students were in the medical, engineering and law faculties.

Yet the Student Union was run (very much against most of our wishes) by the arts guys, who had about two lectures a week, while the rest of us were wall to wall 9 to 5.

Seems there was a Quorum (or some posh word) necessary to vote things in and out, including officers, and they tended to hold these when we'd lose course units for not being at class.

In the end we rebelled when they executive voted ents funds for some terrorist group in Africa, and got them out.

So to those of us (sorry, me. I decry all those who speak for others by claiming a mandate there is no evidence for them having) with families and day jobs and not living in London, where the streets are paved with gold and the transport is free, lobbing up to a rally does (how are the bodies drummed up for these, by the way? No spammed e-mails, surely), waving a placard all day really has no more value than an e-petition at doing much more than saying 'stop listening, start hearing and DO something that is not governed by hype, spin and self-interest'.

At least, that's wot I fink. But it seems I am too ignorant to understand the issues, let alone have the right to have an opinion or comment on them.'

Observer - Drivers to be offered trial pay-if-you-like toll scheme -
Observer - Hard sell in snarled-up Britain -
Observer - The e-petition shows that my government is listening -

Listening...hmnn. Are you hearing? Are you understanding?

I just heard you on Andrew Marr's show.

I look forward to getting your email and the answer to my questions, but on this performance won't hold my breath.

Lovely. Joining Art on Global Cool soon, no doubt.

Luv u 2 death

I'm sure there is some noble value in there somewhere...

The MPs come in from the cold

... but I couldn't see it.

'If I may join the 4 persons (at least) this politico/journalistic jolly is reaching, and doubtless meant to inspire, and can I come too?

Mind you, one can only wonder at the consequences to the pristine snowbound wilderness if loads more of us decide to come up (how does one get there again?) and tramp about.'

Where things are going. Uphill.

As readers of this blog will know, while I do very much care about climate change/global warming, I am not too fussed about what is or is not causing it. I'm more interested in cutting down on waste and inefficiency in any form, and a move to responsible behaviour as the facts of man's impact get proven further.

However, there still seems to be a rather large body of folk impeding progress in the latter area by still arguing whether it is happening at all.

So I am indebted3d to Dave of Solarventi for the following: On Earth: the glacier meltdown is accelerating

All I know is that what was once there is going in one direction, and there has to be some pretty dire consequences. So maybe slowing it down if we can may be a plan.

Dear Peter, ...Best, Tony

So it is true. He is going to write to me as a petitioner. I have written to BBC Breakfast TV where it was just shown.

'Ignoring for now the ethics (is that what petitions are meant for - data collation for propaganda purposes?) of using my email address exclusively (I imagine any contrary arguments to his will not be accorded the same facility), I do hope that Mr. Blair will be telling me how all the money generated will help the environment and none will go to shoring up wasted expenditures and such as index-linked pension commitments.'

I may also ask him where my Carbon Legacy one has got to.

Them's might potent slippers, gramps!

That's my age. But it looks like it may also be my carbon footprint (without a per-anything to apply it to, that's a meaningless stat most media would be happy to use).

Over-50s leave largest carbon footprint

Interesting stuff, but I would like better context. Are they applying the same level of heating consequences to my Mum in her cottage (or me working at home) as to some bright young activist minister or researcher in their trendy des res flat for 6 hrs a night, when the rest of the time they are in their office or the club, both of which I presume are still heated by the freeholders?

As to travel, well that is looking iffy. On TV I saw some peroxided biddy, about a year older than me, who could not dream of not having her six overseas holiday PER year.

When others zig. Zag.

Odd how I see things differently.

Wacko Creationist Indoctrination Footage

It's funny, but I took it the total opposite way as a brilliantly subtle, mocking propaganda piece against the clunking efforts of such creationists to discredit evolution. From slick Woomera (he was an Aussie, right?) Willy at the start to our Nobel-aspiring Pierced Brosnan at the end, the whole lot of them seemed to me to pretty much do a pretty good job of showing where their brains are at from their own mouths. And it had been editted that way to do so (cut off on my view before any credits rolled to see who produced it). Didn't the lady interviewer say she was pre-evolution when being put straight by the highly articulate goth yoof in the shades? And in that regard perhaps more effective than shutting anything down, which seems to be what these guys were being held up for derision in advocating, placard after placard, song after song, confused kid after confused kid, the notion of evolution.