Wednesday, March 31, 2010

AWARD - Greenbang Sustainability Awards - @greenbang



WHEN: Not to sure... I think... now! Certainly before July.
WHAT: Greenbang sustainability awards
WHAT... MORE?: From their blurb:

Calling all you green business gurus out there: we’re getting ready to launch Greenbang’s first-ever awards for sustainability. Think your technology or strategy can make the cut? Let us know!

Set to be presented during our third birthday celebration this July, our awards are aimed at recognising the gamut of sustainable technologies and initiatives, including:

Best IT technology
Best data centre innovation
Most promising water technology
Most promising carbon capture and storage innovation
Best public-sector green initiative
Best development in sustainable food production
Top smart-grid technology
Best cleantech investor
Best corporate responsibility project
Best low-energy building innovation
Most innovative green PR campaign
Best advance for carbon-free transport
Green leader 2010
Green villain 2010

HOW MUCH: Guessing... free?
COMMENTS: As always, as there might be one worthy of having a crack out ourselves, if you found out from here and edge us out... a big up at the ceremony...OK?

EVENT - 'Be Part of the Solution' - OX


WHEN: Deadline/April 6, Oxford, UK
WHAT: UnLtd 'Be Part of the Solution'
WHAT... MORE?: From the blurb:

UnLtd and UnLtdWorld are teaming up to offer a new kind of support to the UK's environment entrepreneurs - we're going to 'crowd-source' answers to challenges you may be facing.

HOW MUCH: Free, I am guessing, if you 'win'
COMMENTS: More blurb:

If you're one of the 3 selected, we'll ask participants at the OxfordJam event on 15 April and members of online communities, such as UnLtdWorld, Twitter and more to Be Part of the Solution

Having a punt myself, so we'll see:)

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

COMPETITION - Virgin - - @richardbranson



WHEN: Ongoing
WHAT: Virgin
COMMENTS: Again, more of an opportunity to gain PR/interest/investment. But... why not? It isn't like many airborne captains of industry are flying BA at the moment

COMPETITION - Sustainable Brands innovation Open


WHEN: Deadline May 1
WHAT: Sustainable Brands innovation Open
WHAT... MORE?: From their blurb:

Sustainable Brands Innovation Open (SB Innovation Open) is not another Clean Tech event. This new venture showcase is focused on identifying and promoting innovative new consumer brands, AND ventures that support existing corporations in achieving their sustainable brand innovation goals.

Submissions will be considered in two categories: Idea Stage – must have a complete business plan and no more than $100k in invested friends and family money, or Early Venture Stage – must have no more than $1M in external capital invested.

COMMENTS: Might be US-only. More an investment doo-dad. Might pass here, but still in the pile.

AWARD - The Earth Awards 2010


WHEN: Deadline May 10
WHAT: The Earth Awards 2010
WHAT... MORE?: From their blurb:




COMMENTS: Not an insignificant prize

COMPETITION - Barclays - 'Take one smal step'


WHEN: Deadline 16 May
WHAT: Barclays Take One Small Step
WHAT... MORE?: From their blurb:

The aim of the Barclays Business Take One Small Step Competition is to find people with ambition, passion and, most importantly, a great business idea.

The brief is open — it could be a lifelong ambition or a recent brainwave. It could be a personal experience or a distant dream. Even a revolutionary concept that changes the world. It’s an open invitation and anyone with a great business idea and the drive to make it happen could win.

Got a great business idea? From start-ups to existing businesses, anyone can pitch for the chance to turn a great idea into an even better reality.
Want to show your support? Do your bit for businesses. Get behind the competition and prepare to vote for your favourite idea.

£50k in the pot. That hires a lot of folk to help me upload such as this in future:) Leaving me free to go off and crank eyebrows, test enviROIs and invent odd stuff.

HOW MUCH: Free!!!!!
COMMENTS: See you at the awards:) And if you are not entering... vote for us!

COMPETITION - M&S - 'Your Green Idea' - @marksandspencer


Sorry about sticking that @ thing in the Title and first line, but I am testing a plan to see if I can make this also of more use once the blog post gets rewteeted on twitter. Not sure how it pops up.

Anyway, without further ado (bar acknowledging that, like the No 38 bus, you get nothing for ages then a ton at once), here we go...


WHEN: Deadline May 16
WHAT: Your Green Idea
WHAT... MORE?: from their blurb:

Think green, and think big. Is it something that could change the way our customers shop with us for the better?

If your brainwave is picked as the ultimate green idea it could be seen by 21 million people, every week at over 700 M&S stores. And, what's more, you could win £100,000 for your favourite organisation to spend on its green initiative. It could be for a school, local community project, a small business or charity... it's up to you.

HOW MUCH: How we like it: free
COMMENTS: Good luck. But we are pitching here too, so may the best reuse website, second use product design, And if we don't, and you found out about it here, mention us at the awards ceremony!

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Friday, March 19, 2010

It's bin real, and it's bin fun...

Well, there she is. Our new wheelie.

And surrounding her is the last 6 months' worth of recycling accumulated while we waited or her.

Why? Well, in one picture you may notice the blue RE:boxes (making not to try and find and update a very out of date page), now late and very lamented.

I had been waiting as, without the wheelie, the bags provided were not going to accept glass, which provides the majority of out non-reused waste, after paper and a horrible amount of plastic film.

So I also segregated away, just to be helpful. Sadly, all for naught. As I had this note:

I have just had a look through the previous correspondence you have had with us and would advise against separating your recyclables into separate bags. It is great to see people doing all they can to improve the recycling process, but as the bags are emptied at our recycling plant, all contents end up being mixed before the automated sorting process begins. The different sorting processes and stages are very effective.

If you're interested, have a look at the following website which explains things further (and a lot clearer than I can).

Oh well.

Sorry State

That 'state' can apply to much.

'Of affairs'. 'Of reporting'. 'Of state broadcasting standards'. 'Of draconian censorship'

The other day I found myself perturbed by the PRasNews reporting of a story I was being subjected to, pretty much across the board, but extensively on the BBC.

What irked was that, during the morning news, they were corrected on a less than accurate claim. Which was jokingly acknowledged, but not acted upon.

So I wrote the following commentary on two of the BBC's main blogs.

Both were rejected for 'defamation'. Other than holding up to ridicule journalistic standards these days, I am stumped as to where it was.

Yesterday morning I was intrigued by a 'report' on BBC Breakfast News regarding the proposed Nissan leaf factory.

The claim made was that it was going to be 'zero emission'. In a subsequent slot it was bashfully conceded that, as the consequence of 'an email', this might be hard to substantiate. Sadly, subsequent BBC 'reports' throughout the day failed to accommodate this input.

'Nissan said the Leaf hatchback would be the world's first affordable, mass-produced, zero-emission car.'

'Nissan said', indeed? We are now in an era of PR as news, it seems. Or, at the very least, PR untroubled by much in the way of follow-up.

At least we get something more accurate here:

'But as policy makers will get jobs and emission reductions in return, this may well prove to be money well spent.'

Well, it is 'good' news:

Thing is, is it news in a form that adequately outlines the issues. There seems to be no doubt that the economic story is good, but what about the much touted environmental complement?

'The Japanese carmaker said today the Leaf will be the world's first mass-produced zero-emission car.'

I have seen that a lot in print and heard it broadcast.

Until the generation of 'leccy is properly sorted to a decent enviROI, it might be worth popping in the caveat that this is possibly true at point of running, but the exhaust pipe still exists, just in another place.

And no matter what, short of pixie dust, it will have a GHG consequence even after ignoring manufacture.

But the BBC is in good company. Spot the similarities, so far:

I note most have that caveat that Nissan 'say'. Hardly in-depth reporting at its best, though, is it?

Look, this could well be a good thing, economically and environmentally, but after Mr. Miliband's recent little outing on climate claims (But his party is obviously as green as it gets, so: @EdMilibandMP Tory silence on climate change and on energy deafening … co-sign my letter to Cameron *, if you think Ms. Lucas' thoughts to be inaccurate: ), trotting out a day later anything via Peter Mandelson as gospel 'green is good no matter what' hardly seems to be the best journalistic route to credibility and public confidence in professional objectivity either.

I will seek clarification, for all the good it will do me.

* in my original posting one digit was dropped. But as the BBC has a 'broken URL' facility this could not be the reason.

Friday, March 12, 2010

CATEGORY - ART - Finding a niche

OK, it's more fun than real reuse, but...

Lego finds a new niche

... I just had to share.

Even though the contrast between ancient stone and modern plastic is glaring, for me, at least, it works.

I really do know sod all about 'art', but I know what I like.

Thursday, March 11, 2010

PR COVERAGE - Hurd, and quoted

If something interesting cops up locally I do like to visit.

So an invite from Conservative PPC Jesse Norman to Hereford to hear Nick Hurd (who was responsible for its passing) outline the Sustainable Communities Act was too good to pass up.

Can't complain if you don't take the pain (well, the hit of a round trip and a few hours).

Little did I know might also end up in print as well.

Nick Hurd MP visits Hereford city

My greater concern was that this might simply add more to an already crowded scene dominated by a frankly tiresome bunch who have already bored me away before, plus doubts on how those who love power might be persuaded to relinquish it.

However, there are some aspects that appeal, if they can be done right, and I will try to stay on top of it.

Talk, talk... and, then...

Telegraph - The Tories have listened to James Dyson's advice – now they must act on it

Possibly a few fewer ‘Heads of’ at entities might also help.
I was inspired by county councillor over at another post who bet ‘a pound to a penny’ on the matter of quangos, and it seems apposite here, too..
It is my experience that in this era of spin over substance, £1 of funding usually does end at about a penny delivered to the intended beneficiary once every entity in the process has built its empire, stuffed its board, created the pension pot, established regional outposts and hired consultants to assess and dispense.
Why most bother wasting their time applying and simply leave this lot to bask in their own bubbles is beyond me.
Let us see if what is talked gets walked.
Which reminds me, I downloaded the report, but at 57pp have yet to get around to reading it. Which I must.

One for the pot

Don't get mad; get posting:

Yes, it costs the authorities, and hence us in taxes, money... short term.

Fixing bust machinery costs us, and the environment... a lot more

Ch 4 - Pothole Britain

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Any colour you like, so long as it still adds up

A short while ago I was asked to join a political 'team'.

I had to refuse, despite, evidently with age and growing grumpy old man-ness, and a liking for the individual (my views on the representative flaws of our current system being for another time... and blog), as I wish to keep apolitical.

That doesn't however mean that if one outfit does something I like I won't applaud, or when it errs I won't crank an eyebrow.

With this one, both went sky-high; one for green political shenanigans, and the other for reporting of same:

Tory climate bores will eat each other

But I will go along with the frustration at the two tribal extremes we are almost exclusively presented with, Monbiot vs. Delingpole (though actually sort of ‘in concert’ over some energy issues at the mo’ that it might be interesting to get a sensible, unspun thought from any ‘green’ pol on), Guardian vs. Express, Andrew Neil vs. the rest of the BBC, where you are either ‘with’ the notion of AnthroCC totally or ‘with’ the notion that some snow shows GW to be a crock.

I am concerned about where the ‘climate’ is going, but not to the extent of then blindly signing off on any hare-brained, green-daubed scheme with an EU box tick just because it meets a target that may or may not tangibly end up in a GHG reduction, without numbers that add up and feedback systems that ensure proper monitoring.

Beyond the cute choice of picture to illustrate their piece, almost designed to undermine the credibility of any eco-claims, it also seems extraordinary to have pinned so much on the party leader’s credibility in this arena, which is as mixed as he seems confused on many underlying facts.

Not that the other parties are any better. Have any got qualified advisers of proven competence, untainted by affiliations to money, career paths or beliefs that near immediately compromise the value of their input?

And when will any in the media truly serve the middle ground that some concede might exist and be worth addressing to move on sensibly? Surely ratings can’t be that addictive that journalistic integrity almost always defers to agenda?

Tuesday, March 09, 2010


All things considered, a wee while in coming.

The name does resonate. Better late than never, eh?


Guardian -  Junk mail deluge feared as postal union and Royal Mail reach deal to end strikes - impressed? You probably won't be.

Info Sources

Royal Mail Door to Door Opt Outs
Kingsmead House
Oxpens Road


Royal Mail Door-to-Door Opt Out Dept,
Room 130,
Wheatstone House,
Faraday Rd,
Swindon, SN3 5JW


Your Choice Preference Scheme run by the Direct Marketing Association. The contacts details are:

Your Choice Preference Scheme
Direct Marketing Association (UK) Ltd
DMA House
70, Margaret Street,
London W1W 8SS

Telephone: 020 7291 3300
Fax: 020 7323 4165

ADDENDUM  - If you would like to stop any other unwanted communications please visit, which provides details on all other preference services, or call the Mailing Preference Service on 0845 703 4599 - NOTE: per advice by commenter Robert, this no longer applies.


Not much to do with eco, save wasted time, but:

Monday, March 08, 2010

Innovation - the word vs. the deed

I have stumbled across an interesting discussion on 'innovation'.

With all surrounding RE:tie especially, it is an area of interest.

These guys are obviously operating at a different plane, but this piece does have some useful links and mayeb thhey might not be too offended by a view from the trenches.

What is Innovation?

As a creator of ideas (‘entrepreneur’ being one who has actually made money from them, hence my following such discussions living in hope of the business lightbulb moment that allows me to claim that title) I have found these threads very interesting, if a tad depressing.

It is clearly accepted that ‘innovation’ is all things to all people, from academics to business leaders to politicians to… the public, and hence loses any real value as a well defined descriptive term.

But exist it does, with entire government departments, corporate divisions and huge funding structures devoted to ‘it’, so it is pretty important to grasp if one is to take advantage of all the opportunities swirling around the rallying cry. In particular if one wishes to bring an idea to fruition as a business.

I am minded of a major pitch I made once for a grant that rejoiced under the title ‘Creative Innovations Fund’. Sadly unsuccessful. But in the spirit of ‘if at first you don’t succeed, find out why and don’t repeat unnecessary errors’ I badgered to find out why.

The answer was long in coming and short in everything, including value, as well as logic: ‘It was too left field and hasn’t been proven’.

My follow-up request for what, precisely was understood for ‘creativity’ and/or ‘innovation’ that was so at odds with mine, remains unanswered.

Suffice to say that I fully appreciate that any fool (mea culpa) can have a great idea, but turning it into an attractive, saleable product/service takes a lot more, with an awful lot more folk getting involved. And if one is lucky enough to manage the rocky waters the gatekeeper community represents, then you might end up with an ‘innovation’ which, in time, simply becomes a branded entity.

My background is advertising, if from the creative side. But the disciplines that career imposes are quite solid. And the basics are pretty clear. Getting a USP is a rare, happy event. Combining it well into an end-benefit proposition pretty much the perfect combo… so long as there is a need.

Sorry to be trite, but I do tend to agree with some notions suggested above that the term has been elevated (or is it debased?) to a meaningless buzz-phrase.

I have had the misfortune to be involved with too many business support entities that are attracted to my companies’ activities but have certainly not understood innovation (or innovators) as I do. And also businesses that talk the talk but really have stopped at that point and allowed rhetoric to take over instead of keeping on and walking.

I was at a packaging event recently to promote a patented, awarded design. The show’s title even had the word ‘innovation’ in it. But I was hard pressed to see any evidence of it anywhere, from the inbound mindset of those on the stands to the products on their shelves and the way they were being promoted… save for the use of the word ‘innovation’. I now have a montage of scores of poster titles using it in all manner of incarnations.

So I hope guys like you can pin an definition of innovation down better than it is currently, such that those who claim to wish to embrace it have better idea themselves of what they seek and how best to find (or be open to it) and, more selfishly, guys like me can grasp what they are looking for and how they like it served up.

For now, a CEO mouthing off stuff in the media when a bunch of middle managers clearly didn’t get the memo on long term seed nurturing over short term bean counting can be… frustrating.

Friday, March 05, 2010

RE:view - ECObuild - (actually more a stimulation to think)

First, the bad news.

Junkk/RE:tie, while praised for getting as far as the shortlist against stiff competition (Veolia, for one apparently. Hey, little victories), sadly did not win in the Sustain Awards.

But it was a good, good natured (some of the awards created hoots) evening, and I did meet some nice folk.

It also gave me an excuse to be at other stuff in London, such as ECObuild. For two days, indeed, as I was further combo'ing the transport opps by hitching a ride home from my missus, who had driven in the next evening for a gig.

[Pause] - I started drafting this pretty soon after returning, and have 'dipped in' from time to time thereafter as time permitted.

In so doing, at almost a week later I have to say it is less and less a RE:view of an event and more and more a pondering of issues.

In that I credit the show with great value in some areas (at least, as regards my major personal interests) though, as will be gathered, may raise some eyebrows that as a source of any great new ideas across the board, I found it sadly lacking.

Now I fully appreciate that as one perhaps more immersed in matters green and 'innovative' (that dreaded term again) than some, I may well be proving trickier to please or am simply jaded now, but really, little at the stands did much to float my boat.

Heaven knows I tried. I was there for two days. And in that time I think I covered it all. Hard to tell as the aisle arrangements were not conducive to knowing where you were are going, and hence I may well have missed chunks. Also I think the lack of 'zones' was mistake.

It was VAST. And for some, with limited time, I think it may have helped to target areas and blitz. The brochure also gave you little lead on who did what save or a name (major support for 'does what it says on the company banner' guys (look who is talking)!).

All I know was that it just seemed to blur in endless guys flogging tiles, wood floors, various renewables and the odd gizmo. And while I can see a high % might have floated the boat of a trade or industry visitor, it honestly felt pretty challenging to any but the most dedicated, interested member of the public. Can't speak for all eco-families, but mine would have lasted 15 minutes. Maybe that wasn't their target, possibly confirmed by it running mid-week. But it seems a shame there was not much there to excite and inspire a broader audience, evidenced by me not noticing much media coverage during or after. Again, maybe it will all be in the trades. There was also the frustrating matter that there were talks overlapping talks that no one person could hope to cover. I just see in my notes that I missed one on Plan A from an M&S speaker... cloning tech needed!

So, having passed by (and here in RE:view mostly over all of the several hundred outfits who forked out a few thousand for 3 days' exposure of their wares), what did keep me there for two days?

Well, it was the 'big issue' seminars, actually all confined to the arena.

There were some heavy hitters there, on big subjects which, ironically, as time progressed highlighted more and more disconnects between what they were saying, and they and all around were doing. Time and time again my core debating interests, namely enviROI & MESSAGE vs. MESSENGERS, were piqued.

Having availed myself of the finest, cheapest, greenest travel options, I arrived at lunchtime on the first day just in time to miss half of 'Selling the 'S' Word: the role of the media', hosted by Andrew Neil within panellists Eve Pollard, Alastair McGowan and Peter Bazalgette, representing an interesting mix.

And very much grist to my mill. Mr. Neil was in combative form. The others were more nuanced. I think safe to say most were pretty pro-green. Mr. McGowan perhaps the most committed, with a few "'we' must's" that had Mr. Neil pouncing a few times for presuming to know better and speak for others. Mostly worryingly, once erring down a 'people might have to be forced' route which fortunately did not progress far and hence flare. Actually, for a celeb he was pretty up to speed, and I very much respect him (as I do anyone who shares the trait) for saying 'I don't know' rather than blustering.

Speaking of Mr. Neil, I popped in a point on how the media does seem to prefer its debates polarised, though most did not seem to share my views.

I fear I still do feel this to be the case. Take this as an example that happened right on top of it all:

George Monbiot vs. James Delingpole (Politics Show 4/03 - 23 ins in - or, more neatly, here)

This rather neatly segues into enviROI aspects of eco taken from big picture 't'is/t'isn't debates (endless ones) about CC/AGW/etc, to rather more down to earth-saving tangibles. The bits and bobs proudly on display all about us.

But it's all well getting all excited about green, but it does rather have to deliver, tangibly, or it is really just so much hype-driven, bandwagon-jumping extra hot air.

Hence I was very pleased to have stayed over and caught the lecture by Prof. Michael Braungart, based on his global best-selling co-authored concept/book: 'Cradle-to-Cradle: Re-thinking the way we make things'.

You can see why that had an appeal.

He's a fun guy (in a laconic way), and a great speaker. Maybe the two are related?

He was also more than happy to stir things up.

I think his first 'fact' (there is a point to be made that allowing such folk sole control of the turf - though there was a Q&A - might lead to a danger of 'he who has the mike is in the right'. His conviction, and powers of oratory were hard to resist in taking all shared as done and dusted): Use an elevator - it's 5 x better than walking. Something to do with our CO2 exhalations vs. mechanical advantages. If true, it's a nifty one to store away making a point on enviROI.

Less hard to argue with, at least as his opinion, and one I share, is that the UK is obsessed with blaming and shaming.

The human aspect is one he came back to often. Frankly he stated it's better that 'one' is not here at all. But as we are he then went on to challenge the notion of 'Carbon neutral', claims of which surrounded the arena, vs. 'Carbon positive', which he seemed less impressed was much on display.

He was also, I felt, at times quiet presumptuous in his idealism:'Why,' he thundered, ' didn't we demand to get rid of the carpets?!' Turns out they are very much kicking out toxic fumes on top of being pretty one-shot non-eco. Well... I did! Years ago! Waaaaay back at my abortive month as the near sole green stand at the supposed 'green' Ideal Home.

As his gaze, and pointed finger swept the hall, I do suspect some exhibitors were very much hoping the person they were selling to was not pondering the more complex issues that lay behind their desire to make an 'eco' purchase.

As I say, little there really piqued my interest, even without delving deeper into the actually numbers. But nail me down and ask what was for me the most interesting 'thing' there: ecosheet Just ticked a lot of boxes for me. About the same price as plywood. About the same weight. Only waterproof. Not sure on its woodworking characteristics but will try and find out. Thing is, as with so many good 'new' ideas, despite my not really seeing a downside (OK, have not checked its enviROI either), why do I doubt my local Travis Perkins will have a clue what I'm on about or be able to get it? Because I have many home projects where having a supply of these around would be well handy... if really eco. Addendum: reviewed here

In all this, there is of course a danger of pitting the 'evil' of capitalism vs. those noble traits that might be stood 'against it: ethics, morals, etc. They of course need not be mutually exclusive. But what is interesting is how often things do get discussed in the terms off trade offs such as these, but so often leave out one very human, on the face of it most noble trait of all: compassion.

Nature is not, as a general rule, very compassionate. We humans are, mostly, and as we evolve will get more so. But it's an uneasy split. We are of nature, but by our actions forcing major impositions upon her all the time in the name of more cerebral concept than survival of the fittest. And while unrestricted, consumer-driven growth is pouring a lot up, down and around, it's all complemented by various balances being upset technologically or on compassionate grounds.

I came away very stimulated but, I suspect, not for the reasons it was created as an event or why 99.999% will have come and/or left feeling most satisfied. Certainly I am even more determined to crank an eyebrow at anything being sold, initiative or product, in the name of eco, unless I am sure it has been well tested by those who know what they are doing. Which pretty much excludes most in the media and many self-elected but well-entrenched (and hence shoo-in invitee speaker) eco advocates. Many have niches they are there to promote or defend, and not always manage to convince that their activism is altruistic.

Lurking around before leaving I caught one seminar with another solo speaker, entitled 'Politicans going green make me see red'. Well, I can see how that can happen on occasion, but the event seemed mainly a pulpit for him to berate Tesco and various powers that be from wanting to spoil his bucolic village. It could have been an interesting roam around planning rules based on a personal experience, but without the context of one who might have explained why these things happen it all was a bit a rant.

What eventually saw me off was one called 'Politics and environmental responsibility'. Sir Jonathan Porritt was an urbane and effective first speaker, but was followed by a shrill activist who really managed to prove that berating is often a poor way to engage and then persuade. After just a few minutes of her reading from an iBook manifesto I was off.

Caption: Final pic. Highly descriptive, and no doubt accurate, but I have to say that I was very pleased not to have the two young teens with me when passing this stand.

Site RE:view -

I very much like this site.

Came to it via a specific post on glass cutting. A major area of interest, and frustration, of mine for some reuse projects.

It's a video, 'show & tell' based format which, for clarity, is hard to fault.

And there is a nice, 'one of us' feel to it all. In the example above I felt/feel I can indeed tackle this project with some confidence of success.

I have to say the site layout does rather reflect this chilled approach, and is a smidge hard to follow.

Plus navigation around, especially to engagement areas, is a trial.

But as the sample above shows, if you pan for gold here, you do end up with nuggets worth treasuring.


The site is like a pedigree filly: mostly she flies, but every so often we're talking Shergar deadness, along with no clue why or where.

This is specially true when we 'tinker'. Hey no omlettes without eggs:)

One major problem is that she was created on a very old platform (cutting edge in its day) and scripts have moved on. Plus she is now being tended by folk who did not build her (the engines won't take it Capt'n!') and are dealing with some very off dials.

Here's a list of what we know of currently:

Splash Page (the one you first land on with the video and latest blog/ideas)

Features currently disabled as it seems to be causing problems with access - looking into wit a new design en route

Home Page (the page you end back at internally)

The new landing page for now - OK

My Junkk (the left hand Nav Bar where you can alter your settings & stuff)

Possible issues updating existing ideas via 'edit my stuff'. New text, added/changed pictures and/or URLs via the upgraded submit ideas page may cause an error message - looking into

diRE:ctory - On some browers (certainly Safari), the alphabetical search function is 'down'. The only way to view entries is by hitting 'All' and scrolling

If you find one, please... tell us here, or via info[at]


I need a PA. To kick things off (got reminded to start another potentially useful category): - - NEW - A VERY neat resource
Ready Made - It's US based and is also a magazine, but the URL looks useful, too. - NEW - Reviewed here

Site RE:view -

Unashamed mutual back-scratching, but that's what makes the world go around:)

Not only do the nice folk at like what is up to, they have popped themselves on our diRE:ctory (which, rather disconcertingly, seems to have lost its alphabetical search function and only works on 'All', at least on my browser. Another day; another gremlin to hut), which gets folk noticed by us, often in a good way (like blog posts, newsletter mentions, etc).

Seems safe to say that their focus is more the trade, though straying into the realms of the concerned amateur DIY type (like me).

A very simple, clean, 'does what it says on the URL' layout (unlike ... I'm on it... er... eventually).

It's dominated by the 'search' function, but this seems to work about as well as Junkk's. I deliberately mistyped plasterbaord, which threw it. Mind you, plasterboard did too, so to be fair it's hard to find what may not be in there....yet.

Probably explained by the fact that that, having opted to go via the clear category options, Partitioning didn't have an entry. It's a growing site, then.

Flooring, by example, is much better populated.

The site bills itself as setting out to help one recycle paint and building materials, but TBH it seems more a source OF materials to assist with renovation, often via reused materials retailers and/or contractors. I think the 'you' in this case is not the consumer, but more the folk o have stuff they want to pass on.

The format appears to be driven by paid classifieds, so bear in mind what you see and how you are getting it.