Thursday, May 15, 2008

And the award for the most useless solar invention

......... goes to this madcap idea reported by ITN News.

Jeez. What a complete and utter waste of time!

Barking, and I don't just mean the councils

Just watched BBC Breakfast, and while I often accuse them of being lightweight, the male presenter referred to a 'police state'.

They had on a very nervous and poorly-prepared 'spokesperson' on, and not from an LA but one the endless quangos there are that exist to act as a bridge between the public and those who impose these daft initiatives. The big conclusion was less than inspiring:

Sorry, 'good communications' is not going to help very much when there is an official culture of 'fine first' backed by aggressive, ill-conceived legislation.

I am afraid the poor chap from Wastewatch was hardly convincing or reassuring that these 'isolated incidents' will abate.

And speaking of waste, is the suggested mitigation money well spent in defence of the environment, or just meeting yet targets? What next, personal rubbish sorters to add to compost advisors in the legions of snoops and assessors in the name, if not practice of green?

This is just going to set the public against any sensible initiatives. The beancounters and box-tickers have gone barking mad.

Addendum - I just heard the slot repeated, and apparently the council official in question justified their stance on the basis that 'they have to save the planet'. Do what? I applaud a lot that leads to sensible recycling, but this is utter tosh.