Friday, March 16, 2007

It's not just the question. These days it's who is asking it.


No. But how do I know any more that they will be as described here?

They are inheriting it. Maybe we should let them save it as well.


Me presenting the prizes donated by the local Warhammer shop to the winners, along with a special award from to the young initiative initiator, an antique brass caliper.

Today is Comic Relief day.

So far, so media frenzied.

Frankly, I can take or leave scores of 'celebrities' - some of whom are doubtless sincere, but most of whom have either been told to do it by their bosses or agents, or need to do it to boost flagging careers - mugging to the camera to get the sofa-set to part with cash by phone. I'm sure after the last few weeks it's is all crystal clear and above board, but I'm prepared to bet there are still some admin and handling charges in there.

Meanwhile, in sleepy Ross on Wye, a few days ago a small boy had an idea. And frankly I reckon he has put the whole adult population, from self-centred celebs to sparring pols, to shame.

Because he set up a simple little competition between his mates.

They are all mad for Warhammer, which seems to be a brilliant way to get parents to pay for a 1" character what we used to get in the entire Airfix D-Day recreation set.

Lots and lots of plastic doo-dads which get snapped off and stuck together and painted and played with in strategy games.

And young Dexter's idea was to see who could make the most, and whackiest, creations out of the bits that are left behind in the moulding process (best name heard to date: sprue. But in may be spurl, or Trevor for all I know). One hour, at £1 a character.

My boys made nine. Each. So thanks to this little boy I am now shy £18. Worth every darn penny.

I got wind of it in advance, and for obvious reasons also got quite excited about the notion that kids were doing something a) productive, b) creative, c) worthy and d) fun with reuse. So I flashed around and got the local Warhammer store to sponsor some prizes, which were judged by a panel of proud Dads (not knowing what creation was made by which son).

I'm presenting them tonight. And then I am going to see what I can do to let the Warhammer guys know about it, the media and anyone else who will listen. Because this is worth building upon.

While others talk, these kids just got on and acted for themselves. And had a ball doing it.

Save the children. Save the planet. By and for the children. No adult egos or agendas to be found.

And that... is what it's all about.

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Where there's a... where is that will again?

The price of protection

One of my favourite words... 'SHOULD'. Closely followed by 'COULD'.

Thing is, it is pretty much meaningless without 'WILL' to back it up.

When bad deeds make good copy

To the grievance community, it's always someone else's fault

Fine words.

So, what can you... we... do about it?

Or is this just another talking shop industry within an industry with all sides having a vested interest in maintaining the status quo?

Bin. And Gone.

Green light given to empty bins every 2 weeks

When there is no trust left, the comments here show the value of ' A Whitehall-funded study...' to convince anyone of anything.

Especially when it is unclear how ever higher rates can be justified in leading to ever fewer services. Unless local authority pensions count as a 'service'.

Yet...'Council chiefs say local taxpayers will have to foot the bill if the targets are missed and fines are applied.'

That's just an attitude that stinks.

Its a shame to waste

Money 'is wasted'

At least a third of the £555m spent each year on business support by the Regional Development Agencies is claimed to be wasted on administration...

Only a third?